Fascinating people.

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  1. Yesterday, as I was drinking a cup of coffee at Kiew Lom, 25 klm along the Mae hong son road from Pai, I was approached by a couple who have ridden their motorbike all the way from Austria in the past 8 months.

    Schmi and Simone are yet to finish their ride through SE Asia, thence to Australia, then to Africa before heading for home. They speak English, but write in German. This is no great impediment to enjoying their sensational photographs on their blog at www.traveltime.at

    I have recommended they check GT Rider for road reports and general information about our part of the world. Meanwhile I commend their blog to you.

    They are truly living the dream...and they are truly pleasant and engaging people. They are off the Chiang mai tomorrow.
  2. Wow that's a great link! Thanks so much for sharing! :happy1:
  3. If their going to be in Chiang Mai , perhaps you get get in touch with them and invite them to join us tonight for the GTR dinner

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