Fear & Loathing in Cambodia

May 19, 2006
Just a few words on our trip some friends & I made into Cambodia last month.
WE crossed the border at Poipet. Leaving Thailand was no problem having completed the necessary paperwork formalities.
However when we crossed the border into Cambodia we got our visas on entry. We stopped and looked for the customs office to show our papers. When we finally found the customs office we asked them what paperwork we needed. They told us that we could not enter Cambodia with Thai registered bikes. We pointed out that we had been given visas and were now already inside Cambodia.
One of our group was resident in Cambodia and could speak Khmer and had a Cambodian registered bike.
The customs offficers said "OK then we don't see your thai registered bikes - you can go to Siem Reap but don't go to Phnom Pen. If they catch you don't say you came in from Poipet"
After one night in Phnom Pen we left and were filling up gas just outside the city when we were asked by the garage owner, "don't you fear the police riding thai registered bikes?"
Though nothing happened to us, we were always uncomfortable riding in cambodia having to keep a wary eye out for the cambodian police with the everpresent fear of a hefty fine/bribe or worse, bike confiscation.
Are there any documents required by thai registered bikes that would meet cambodian authority requirements and would avoid having such concern when travelling in Cambodia?
your thoughts and experiences would be appreciated.
Aug 7, 2003
Don't pay any attention to " officials " at Poipet , this is the armpit of Cambodia. Generally if you enter with a Thai registered bike there is no problem going anywhere in Cambodia and leaving by any exit back to Thailand.I don't know why but Poipet is the worst place to enter Cambodia , most people usually just by pass the custom(I understand this is not standard anywhere). I usualy enter thru Chiang Khong (Oshmach) no hassles and very accomodating Khmers.
Just another reason to avoid the arseholes at Poipet.Please don't let this deter you from future trips into Cambocdia, please feel free to e-mail me at [email [email protected]][email protected][/email] for any info on Cambodia/entry/paperwork/bike import etc.
Harry the Finn. XR650R.