Female Rider Looking For Other Riders For Trip From Chiang Mai To Koh Samui

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  1. Hello, everyone!

    I am writing this as a female rider in hopes for other small motorcycle buddies (125-200cc) or very patient big bike buddies to join me in this ride which I would like to do; or/and some advice on routes and bike trip care. I am planning to make a 7-10 day motorcycle ride from Chiang Mai to Koh Samui. Leaving Chiang Mai around between 20th - 23rd of May. As I am going for my TEFL course there. My course starts on the 5th, so as long as I reach there on the 3rd, I’m good. This is the first time I am doing such a journey; being mostly riding in the North.

    I have half a plan formulated on how I am going to do it and where to go. I plan about 200 - 300km a day to not strain myself. However, I love people to buddy along with me as I am a novice rider. Even if it is from point to point and not the whole journey. More suggestions, places of interests, advice and etc would be very much appreciated too!

    Have been posting on other relative pages for riders too and advice. Everyone has been amazing with their advice and routes and I am learning a lot. I am still missing on riders, I do have one or two from Bangkok onwards, but nothing from Chiang Mai down.

    On my bus trip to Bangkok, I saw a few riders too. Am quite excited to have seen them doing the ride. I am riding a keeway super light 200cc to do it too though; so I will definitely be slower than huge, fast bikes. Below is the bike I am using. She is a rental and with insurance.

    Feel free to private message me too! Looking forward to hearing your suggestions and hopefully your participation in the ride!

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    Gday & welcome to GTR GingerKitty

    Thats one hell of a long ride, even on a big bike, so an extra bravo for you wanting to do it.

    I live out in Mae Rim, 5 minutes from the X-Centre if you want to hook up sometime - even do the Samoeng loop.

    I reckon you are best advised to stay off the main highway, when convenient; at least from Chiang Mai & I'd head down R106 through Lamphun to Li & then Thoen to come out on R1.
    My GF is a travelling sales rep for North Thailand but she also travels down to Bangkok & knows a lot of the good safe hotels for single ladies.
    I can put you in touch with her if you like.
    She also has friends who work in the south in a similar position - single female saleswomen.

    I tweaked your photo a bit for you.
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  3. Met up with the gorgeous and FUN Ginger Kitty last night.
    Fab what she is doing and really hope that she will create a daily blog on her travels so we can follow along.
    A real adventure spirit!
    She has linked up with the Lady Motorcycle Riders Thailand group and hope we can get her some support along the way.
    I think its great if you can put a list of safe places for solo lady riders from your girlfriend David.
    Invaluable information and would really like to post up that list for other lady riders please.
    Ginger is awesome!

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  4. It is one hell of a ride for sure. But I want to do it, though there is the question of my bike. Thank you! I still need the validation to a point to convince me more to do it. =]

    That would be brilliant! I would love to meet up even if it is just to pick your brain on places to go and etc. When would you be available? =] The Samoeng loop is really fun too!

    I will most likely be off the main highway. According to one of the riders who will most likely be riding with me to Bangkok, it will be going through Mae Sot. That's awesome! I would love a list of that and I am sure many other solo female riders would love that as well. =] And parts of the South too. =D I have my own accommodation in Koh Samui but not towards it. =]

    Thank you for helping me tweak my picture.. I am not very good with technology at all.
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  5. Thank you so much for your praise! It was my honor to have met up with Zed! You were so beautiful and lovely and one heck of a company to have around. =D I am hoping for tons of support as I make my way with this bike.

    Am looking into ways of doing a blog/website so I can start doing an update for it everyday. =] Am not very good with technology.

    Hahaha! You are the awesome one for doing all you have done so far and more..

    P.s. I still look damn drunk in that picture. =P

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  6. If you are going via Mae Sot, then you must be going via Mae Sarieng.
    So that will be Chiang Mai - Mae Sarieng - Mae Sot - Tak.
    You are a new rider," Chiang Mai - Mae Sot is a long ride, most people stop in Mae Sarieng for the night then continue onto Mae Sot. You may or may not sleep in Mae Sot, then you have to come all the way east to Tak. So it is taking you at least 2, if not 3 days, to get to Tak (if you are inexperienced.) Whereas if you go down the highway via 106 you could be in Tak on the first day. It maybe better to leave Mae Sot for the return journey.
    Just a thought.
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  7. That was a absolutely hysterical night.
    ..especially when you switched the conversation in a dodgy area and all the male ears picked up. HAHA .... !
    You are brilliant fun Ginger!

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