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  1. Hallo i am german,57 old,married with thaiwomen,live in Lampang. I search to find new bikers for make
    trips and meeting. My bike is a HD Street Bob.
    I was drive before in germany bikes like 20 years. Was meeting some european country with bike..

    If you intresting send me mail,rainyseason wil end soon, and time for trips wil come.

    Byyyye Uwe
  2. Hello SB2011.

    One good way to meet folks like yourself is to attend any of the bike events in your area.

    For contact with a specific group of Thailand riders from your general home language area, you can check in with these guys-

    I think many of those guys are already on the GT-Rider forum but John can put you in touch with others that are not. Check out his website and send him a note. He is a good dude and I think you will find what you're looking for.

    Lastly, try to make it to one or more of the Chiang Rai Bikers Day Rides. We get guys and gals from all over at these rides.
  3. Uwe
    Pop by Euro Diner in Chiang Mai city, or the X-Centre in Mae Rim & you will meet other expat bikers.
    Or come to the next GT Rider dinner

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