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Discussion in 'Honda Big Bikes Thailand' started by brian66, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. Many times, I have wondered why there was no Honda forum. So it is refreshing to me to see a dedicated forum.
    I figured it must be because other than the hordes of scooter type Honda bikes on Thai roads, there were not many larger capacity Honda bikes roaming the sealed roads and off road tracks around Thailand.
    I wonder if this new Honda forum will get much input as I noticed the Suzuki forum remained inactive for a long time.
    I am a true Honda fan and have owned many Hondas over the years. My stable of Hondas is now made up of, 1 x 2010 CRF450R, 1 x 2011 CRF 450X, 1 x 2011 CRF250X, 2 x 2008 CBR1000RR, 1 x 2009 CBR1000RR and 1 x 2011 CBR1000RR. Therefore, you could say I am a Honda fan.
    The X model bikes are all street legal and come with mirrors, indicators, horn etc.

    In relation to the suggestion that Honda bikes may have Chinese made parts, I have a very good working knowledge of the parts and mechanical side of Honda bikes and so far, I have never come across a part that shows it is made in china.
    That’s not to say some of the wiring or other parts may have come from China, as how is it possible to know where Honda sources all its components. I just hope not though.
  2. Brian66,
    What a GREAT start to the forum; there could be no better first post! BRILLIANT!
    (And I sold my only Honda - a 2009 Sonic 125 - when moving from Thailand to Vietnam).
    Happy days mate.
  3. Bring on the promised Honda Big Wing.

    With some bikes produced in Thailand and free of import tax.
  4. Honda Bikes are indeed very reliable an good working, nearly undestroyable. In every vehicle check before a race in Germany, I´ve told the boys. He, it´s not neccesary, everthing works, it´s a Honda. I´m a Honda fan too.
  5. Hell Brian, You will have to go and Order the New Model CBR1000RR just released for 2012 to complete Your line up! Have You got plates on Your CRF X's? Tomorrow is the Big release in Bangkok of 6 New Honda's, but only up to 250cc so I am expecting to see the New Asian Market CRF250 in that lot? Of course it won't be the Weapon like Your Arsenal contains!!!
  6. I got Vikrom to get the bikes for me and i specially ordered the Australian model which has compliance to be registered in Australia. He managed to get the 450 passed and it is all legal now. Or as legal as a parts order special can be in Thailand.
    The X models are FI.
    Vikrom is now working on getting the 250X a green book for me for me now.

    You can see I am a victim for buying bikes that don’t get used much but it’s like a drug to me.
    I can't help myself!!!

    I may add that I thrash these bikes around circuits almost every week end and they all have never failed me. Only cam chain and drive chain replacement, wheel, steering head and swing arm bearings by choice, not when they are worn out.

    I have one of my two 2008 models for sale in Red Baron and I will get a 2012 model once it is released to replace that bike. I should have purchased a 2010 model and i would have the complete sequence!!!

    Two of my Blades are full blown racers and the other two are road bikes.

    I still have a Triumph and a couple of Yamahas to keep the Hondas honest.

    My Singapore track Blade is the photo. This bike was built by Honda Australia to full HRC specs and i imported it into Singapore. It even has a Motec data logger which cost the earth!!!

    Honda's are great bikes. Thats why they sell millions of bikes all over the world every year

  7. A CRF250X or even a 450X Road Legal with a Plate would be Great here but I am not to fond of all the maintenance required with them? Oil Changes don't bother me but stripping the Engines all the Time does! Fuel Injection is the way to Go! Good On You Sir!
  8. I have fond memories of my first 'real' sport bike, a Honda Hurricane 600 that I bought used way back in 1990.

    Looked just like this one:


    Then I got a CBR F2 a couple years later which was a fantastic bike. God I loved that bike. So much so, that after it got totaled by a drunk driver in '95 I got another F2!

    Brought it to Japan in '97 and had loads of fun, but sadly had to leave it behind when I moved to Thailand as it would have been too much hassle and expense to try and get it road legal here :(

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