First time to Hua Hin ?

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  1. Hello
    I should be visiting next month planing to hire a bike in Pattaya and ride over to Hua Hin via the bridge over the river Kwai.
    I have never been to Hua Hin before so any advice re good roads , places to eat etc really appreciated. I have looked at the forum and watched the night ride post .
    Thanks and safe riding
  2. Bit late for advice now... but how was the ride? My fav bar is the Celtic Sports Bar btw
  3. The ride apart from getting lost in bangkok :) was fine and the trips around the area and up to the river Kwai were good .
    I am back next month but want to hire a bike from anywhere around hua hin if you now anywhere I can hire one ? as I really don't want to ride through bangkok again .
    Didn't make that bar but will try it
    Safe riding
  4. I've only ever seen scooters for rent in Hua Hin.... If you want a "real" bike best to rent in Bangkok or Pattaya.
  5. thats correct, there is no big bikes rental in Hua Hin and surrounding
  6. Thanks very much for your replies appreciated when I was their last year I saw a advert for big bikes in Cha-am but can't find it again just trying to avoid riding through Bangkok again
    Safe riding
  7. You are right, there are big bikes for rent in Cha-Am, outside a shop on the main beach, a couple of 650cc cruisers and a 400cc honda
    At the moment only a phone number attached to bikes as the shop is closed...low season.
  8. Tom
    That's great I arrive in November so hopefully open then thanks very much for your help :)
  9. Hi Paul,
    I was in Cha am yesterday for a coffee, found the bikes, but the shop was shut. A notice with a phone number was attached to one of the bikes.
    Try; 089 5498015

  10. Tom
    Will do thanks again
    Safe riding

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