First Tour Of 2012- Petchabun, Khao Kho, Lom Sak, Dan Sai, Phu Rua, Loei!

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  1. Feels great to be back on the road!

    402273_10151178147530710_508210709_22771710_179125  3298_n.jpg

    Escaped the Big Smoke bright and early and made excellent time to Petchabun.

    Coffee stop near Saraburi-
    395997_10151176624355710_508210709_22768209_909944  244_n.jpg

    Stopped in Khao Kho for lunch at our regular spot-
    408026_10151177790570710_508210709_22771175_142470  202_n.jpg

    You know you're getting close when you reach the big Pii Ta Khon near Dan Sai!
    397050_10151177782105710_508210709_22771162_466697  983_n.jpg

    Unusually wet weather for this time of year and some of the roads were very slippery. We saw a half dozen crashes and wrecks today, some of them quite nasty...

    Met up with friends at the King Hotel in Loei.

    Nice mix of Harley's, BMW's, Japanese bikes, a Ducati Multistrada and a Triumph Bonneville.

    Most will continue on to Udon Thani tomorrow for the bike week there.

    I always look forward to the great food and Erdinger at Chris's Steak House in Loei!
    409297_10151178311405710_508210709_22772331_741632  947_n.jpg

    Jaeger Schnitzel!
    397779_10151178444660710_508210709_22772904_560878  629_n.jpg

    Happy Trails!

  2. A few more pics from this weekend's tour!

    Big turn out on Friday night- most left on Saturday morning headed to Udon Thani for the bike week there. Here's all the bikes lined up in front of the King Hotel in Loei-


    We left Bangkok as the Three Amigos, were renamed the Three Stooges in Loei, and now we're being called the Three Monkeys ;)


    A visit to the local barber- mohawks and a shave for 60 baht a head :D


    Dinner at Chris's Steak House on Friday night- best food in Loei, hands down! :thumbup:


    Neil trying out Ian's new Harley for size ;)


    Riding with Nanu Nanu MC on Saturday :lolno:


    (That'd be Nanu Nanu, as in Mork and Mindy) ;)


    All smiles after a challenging ride on Saturday-


    Stunning views on the 2216!


    Trent on his Fizzer


    Nanu Nanu!


    Neil's beautiful Triumph Sprint ST gazing at the fantastic Highway 12, aka "Nam Nao Circuit"


    Lovin' the Pirelli Scorpion Trails!




    Nam Nao Circuit gets Two Thumbs UP!!! :thumbup::thumbup:


    Fantastic weekend! Looking forward to the next tour!

    Happy Trails!

    Tony :happy1:
  3. Thanks Tony. Great photos & trip. Good to see you back from your holiday.
  4. Thanks guys :)

    Here's some video from the amazing 2216 to Nam Nao-
  5. Fantastic views and splendid curves on Route 2016 between Wang Saphung and Nam Nao via Phu Luang!
  6. What a road! What a view!
  7. Nice rainbow!
  8. Thanks! :) The camera didn't capture it very well- it was really quite stunning!
  9. Returning to the Big Smoke is always a bit of a drag, but filtering through traffic on a bike can be a lot of fun :)
  10. Returning back to the Big Smoke a drag? You just say "Nanu Nanu" an you are home!

    But looks great, zipping between cars! Always first at traffic lights.

    Chang Noi
  11. Highway 12 through Nam Nao National Park is one of my favorites!

    Kawasaki Versys ContourHD Bike Cam Riding West on Highway 12 through Nam Nao National Park

  12. Kawasaki Versys chasing Triumph Sprint ST on Highway 12 through Nam Nao National Park, Thailand

    Since installing the PowerCommander V I seem to have lost a bit on top, but the Autotune is still making adjustments so hopefully it will improve. I think I need about 20 more Hp to catch that magnificent Sprint ST! :D


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