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Discussion in 'New Members' started by MRRrider, May 3, 2017.

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    Hello from Northern California. This will be our first time riding in Thailand / Asia - and we are stoked. The trip is getting close (2 weeks) so thought I'd drop in and say hello. I ride a heavy weight enduro here in California so am looking forward to riding some narrow dirty twisty roads with my wife on the back. Roads with curves, good food, exotic culture, nature, and a strong drink at the end of the day is what we desire. For our first time around I thought we'd start with the basics: Renting a bike from Tony's in Chiang Mae - heading straight to Sokhothai. Spending 2 nights in Sokhothai before heading to Mae Sariang for the night. Then to Fern Lodge in Mae Hong Son. A night in Soppong. A night in Thaton. And then a big day on backroads up to the GTA before pointing it back south to Chiang Mae. I'm picking up the GT-Rider maps for guidance. We plan to stop at as many temples as possible, Crystal Cave, head up to radio tower lookout south of MHS, the bamboo bridge, Tham Lot, Xmas Tree Cave, and a bunch of little mystery stops, places I saw on Google Earth that looked interesting / authentic so I grabbed a GPS point. We depart Chiang Mae 21 May and will spend 6 nights on the loop described above. Maybe see some of you other moto enthusiast out on the road. Until then.
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    Welcome to GTR & North Thailand, the biker's paradise.

    If you swing by the X-centre in Mae Rim - I live about 5 minutes away.

    Some ideas from me
    If I was you I'd leave Sukhothai until the end of the trip.
    Do the MHS Loop first, then see how you feel about it all.
    It's a bit of a boring ride to Sukhothai & then the ride across to Mae Sarieng from Sukhothai wont be that great either, unless you go via Mae Sot.
    Then if you have 2 nights in Sukhothai, it will add up to 3 days gone, just to get to Mae Sarieng & you've only really done Sukhothai.
    Thats not great value for your time I reckon.

    Do the MHS loop first & then see how you feel.
    Go onto some of the Golden Triangle, or just pop down to Sukhothai & back. Go to Sukhothai for a night, see the ruins in the morning, then slip across to Phrae for a night & then come back to Chiang Mai.

    Check out this GTR TRip planning

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    If you are specifically looking for dirt, check this out
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    Hello and thanks for the reply and useful info.

    We took your advice and are planning for the MLS loop first. But will detour into Thaton. From Thaton we might try and put in a long day makIng it to Phrae. But I want to ride those roads north/west of Nan just have to see how far we make it. If we make it to Nan would you still go through Phrae going to Sokhothai? I see some twisty roads on the map but also have interest in using the ferry via road 1026/1339 ..looks fun different.

    I would love to rip some dirt but my wife gets nervous on the back - so no dirt this time around.

    Again, thanks for the useful info.

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