North Thailand Top Ten Roads

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    Northern Thailand favorite roads?

    what is your favourite road in North Thailand.

    The list to select from
    1. R1148 Chiang Kham - Tha Wang Pha
    2. R1091 Chiang Muan - Nan
    3. R1256 Doi Phukha Pua - Bo Klua.
    4. R1081 Bo Klua - R1169
    5. R1080 Nan - Pua - Huay Kon
    6. R1155 "Chiang Khong" - Thoeng/ Chiang Kham
    7. R1093. Chiang Kham - "Chiang Khong"
    8. R120 Mae Kachan - Wang Nua - R1
    9. R101 Phrae - Nan
    10. R101 "Den Chai - Sisatchanalai"
    11. R11 Cnx - Lampang - Uttaradit
    12. R1150 Phrao - Wiang Pa Pao
    13. R109 Fang - Mae Suai
    14. R1089 Tha Ton - Mae Chan
    15. R1340 Arunothai - Doi Ang Khang
    16. R1322 The Wiang Haeng Road
    17. R1095 Pai - Soppong - Mae Hong Son (exclude Mae Malai - Pai because the road is seldom in good condition & there's usually too much traffic.)
    18. R108 Mae Sarieng - Khun Yuam - Mae Hong Son
    19. R1263 Mae Chaem - Khun Yuam
    20. R1009 The Doi Inthanon Road
    21. R1192 Doi Inthanon - Mae Chaem
    22. R1096 Mae Rim - "Samoeng"
    23. R1269 Sanpasak - Samoeng
    24. R1162 / 1243 Nan
    25. R118 Doi Saket - Mae Kachan / R120 turn off.
  2. All the "Nan" roads has new or very good surface. 1148-1091-1081.
    1256 has bad surface.
    Another Nan road that should make it on to the list is R1026 from Na Muen to Ban Pak Nai. The fisher/ferry village on the north side of Queen Sirikit Dam.
    R 1216 over Khun Sathan mountain has a short section with roadwork. Once that is done it's a racetrack and worth a place on the list.
    I like them regardless if i come on a 250, a 650 or a heavy 1500 cruiser.
  3. Thanks for the updates. I agree on R1216 too.

    For those interested in R1216, it has featured on GTR before here
    1216, a hidden Pearl in Nan?
    The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Go To Nan
  4. All great roads, doubt I could pick a favourite.
    Here's a couple more;
    1346; Through the valleys of the Sri Lanna NP, from Chai Prakarn to Phrao. Always nice and quiet, great scenery.
    1252; Chae Hom to 118. Over the mountains of the Chaeson NP. Great scenery including spectacular views of Wat Chalerm Prakiat on the limestone mountain karst.
    1149; Mae Sai to Hwy 1. The ridge road ride is always superb. Radically steep in places with ridiculous hairpin bends, like an almost impossible road to build. Alongside the razor wire of the border with fantastic views of 2 countries. Then after Doi Chang Moob, you hit the "royal road" to Doi Tung. Out of holiday times it's quiet up there and you can really do some serious scratching, all the way past the Royal Villa turn down to highway 1 on the main road.
    1328; Loop through the Phu Suan Sai NP. Quiet, remote and glorious. Need to do this again soon.....
    1268; Na Heao through Ban Kok; Quiet, remote, past Phu Soi Dao. Good distance, few people.
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  5. David - you'll be able to help out. I am hopeless with road names and numbers - always enlisting the services of a local member who I just follow blindly.

    Favourite road is the Doi Phuka Loop, after Bo Kleua (I think). or the 211 (I think) as it shadows the Mae Khong between Nong Khai and Chiang Khan.

    Best experience is one where we loaded the bikes onto a raft, and were towed by a small Long Tail boat across a lake, somewhere near Loei, or between Loei and Nan I think. (Ban Pak Nai?)
  6. How going Daewoo.
    The lake your probably thinking of is south of Nan. The legendary "Son of Arthritis" recently did the crossing while on there latest tour of duty.
    Soa....the Great Northern Loop~day 4

  7. The barge looks the same, but that might be because they all look the same;


    Just made it a more interesting day, and I remember the road when you got off the ferry was great as well.
  8. Wonderful roads either side indeed, with no traffic. Dream road really with few trees to block your views.

    2014-09-17 14.37.15.

    There used to be an alternative and more streamlined ferry at Ban Pak Nai though...............
    2014-09-17 15.04.58.
    2014-09-17 15.07.42.
  9. R1263 Mae Chaem - Khun Yuam
  10. R1148 Chiang Kham - Tha Wang Pha

  11. R1150 Phrao - Wiang Pa Pao

  12. R108 Khun Yuam -Mae Hong Son

  13. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah..... fantastic photos David. These are bike riders dream roads. Really, I see these roads in my dreams.. hahaha...
    Let's have some more "road" photos... Scenery, culture and machinery is great, but it's the road that ties us all together in the end.
  14. Don't you just love it, when you come round a bend and see one of these images. "Wow, f**k me..." and all that, then have to do a U-ee to get a photo of it.
  15. R1091 Chiang Muan - Nan

  16. Spectacular David .... and why we love riding northern Thailand.
    1265 Pai to Wat Chan


    Between 1263 Khun Yuam and the Bua Tong fields SNV32729.JPG
    Off the 1148 to Doi Phu Langkha
    Love this one.... definately a f**k me moment....
    1081 Bo Klua to Santisuk
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  17. 1339 Na Muen to Nam Pat
    2014-09-17 14.37.15.
    1083 Ban Khok to NaNoi
    2014-09-18 10.17.58.
  18. 1090 Mae Sot to Umpang
    2014-10-09 11.23.09.
    2014-10-09 12.13.01.
    2258 Lom Sak to Khao Kho, Petchabun
    2015-04-02 10.08.24.
    1335 Lampang to Chae Hom... Super stuff
    2015-06-07 14.34.51.

    1178 Arunothai to Piang Luang
    2015-07-14 14.15.52.

    2015-07-14 14.51.29.

    1346 Chai Prakarn to Phrao
    2015-07-17 09.51.10.
    2015-07-17 09.53.50.
    2015-07-17 10.15.37.
    2015-07-17 10.19.45.
    1097 Chiang Klang to Song Kwae
    2016-06-11 08.32.42.
    2016-06-11 08.44.52.
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  19. R1095 the Mae Hong Son Loop


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