The Doi Ang Khang Loop

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  1. Mon 27- Tues 28 April 2003.
    ROUTES: 107 – 1178 – 1340 – Doi Ang Khang - Nor Lae – Fang – Chiang Mai.
    Total distance: 350 kms. ALL asphalt. Weather is HOT.

    A respectable 10.00 am start after breakfast at the Bier Stube, with mate & BMW GS1150 rider Robert & girlfriend Nang.
    With the girlfriends in tow, it was a leisurely ride. There was a bit of traffic around, & we got just about every red traffic light heading north on 107. I noticed Robert chaffing at the bit, as he pulled wheelies at most of the red lights when we took off; magnificently I did not rise to the bait – must have been the girlfriend on the back (who can pack a mean rib punch when she wants to.)Even at Mae Malai, & the turn off to Pai, we got the red light, so it was one of those days.

    First stop was just a minute for me to set my GPS off at the start of route 1178 and the run out to the Burma border at Arunothai. Arunothai is 114 kms out & here we took a real drink stop – 2 bots of sponsor, 2 cans of coconut juice & a half bot of water. This was just for me, it was hot & I seem recall indulging in a few Jameson & sodas the night before.

    Pics below: the reason for Jameson & sodas

    After the drink stop it was a short ride – 6 kms out to the Burma border to verify that the border market was not operating any more & that the Kiew Pha Wok gate to Burma was indeed closed.


    The Thai soldiers guarding the gate must think the ol' farang is a bit crazy, just riding up to the gate, getting off to take a quick photo & then disappear. For me it’s all good for a laugh.
    Back at Arunothai, it was still a bit on the hot side, & we did not feel like eating; so onto route 1340 it was.


    Route 1340 goes from Arunothai to Doi Ang Khang. It’s an amazing little 37 kms ride - all steep & narrow,


    winding asphalt right along the border, with lots of little Chinese villages & hidden valleys.


    It is easy to imagine how the ol KMT stayed here for years with no outside pressure to behave & stop making money from black market activities. Some of the villages are real little gems of paradise. Then you have the amazing views & rocky scenery, just to top it all off. It really does feel as if you are in another world & not Thailand!

    The closer you get to Doi Ang Khang the more spectacular the views and road get. Parts of it really do seem like your riding a roller coaster, there are so many steep dips and rises, and its all a good asphalt surface.


    (Shyte, how time flies - I remember the good ol’ days tackling the dirt on a mighty Honda Wing 125cc road bike, & having to slip the clutch in & out, and paddle with two-feet down to try & make it to the top!)
    Ang Khang is still a quaint out of the way place to be.


    The Royal research station has a magnificent bonsai garden, that it definitely worth a look, even if you aren’t much of a green fingers.


    After Ang Khang we took a run along the border to Nor Lae & the Thai army camp guarding the frontier.


    There's a great view overlooking Burma & the Burmese army camp, just a couple of hundred meters away.


    Weird stuff, & things must be getting relaxed again as we saw some Burmese soldiers over on the Thai side getting water & supplies!
    Just a couple of kms north of Nor Lae you have the most amazing steep descent I’ve ever been on in North Thailand. In 4 kms it drops down in a series of switch backs, what you do in 18 kms coming out the main road Route 1249. You have to wonder how & why they built this road – it literally drops off the end of the mountain right down into a hidden valley, up against the Burma border. (Perhaps that’s why the road is there – access to the border?)
    Anyway, from Nor Lae you can get into Fang in 25 mins – unbelievable stuff.

    In Fang we stayed at the Chok Thani hotel, still clinically clean hospital type rooms, but the hot water works, and the air con’s cold & quiet.
    That night we hit the new number 1 restaurant in town – The Ritzy, & Ritzy it was, at least for Fang. No complaints here – good food, service, clean & cold air con, plus some decent English language folk music from the one good guitarist. We were impressed.

    After the Ritzy, it was onto the night spots of Fang, and the Cheers complex still is the place to go in town. We did the coffee shop & were impressed by all the weird waiters / waitresses, plus the usual delinquent teenagers out and about. There was also a series of odd singers – male & female – on stage, just to keep up the interest. If you get tired of this, no worries, just pop next door, via the joint toilets at the back, and you end up in either the karaoke or the café.
    Robert gave up earlier, after he could not decide on the gender of one of the singers – it was a tough call. So the girlfriend & I hit the next night spot, The Hump, which is a very small quite somewhat basic pub. We lasted only 1 drink here after the girlfriend singer was recognized from Chiang Mai & asked to get up on stage & sing. Not what we were after on her night off, but she obliged & we left soon after.

    The next morning at breakfast at the Chok Thani I was reminded that in 15 yrs I’ve never had a good one there. But not to complain, 2 cups of coffee washed it all down (just.)
    After a quick look at a mate (Aussie Colin)’s new block & house building, it was on the road.
    We were lucky, as the weather was not as hot as the day before, because of some heavy rain during the night.

    41 kms out of Fang we stopped off to look at the Nam Lu spring.


    This is about 4 kms from the Tubtao caves, & if you are ever in the area – check it out.


    The spring is an amazing hole, probably 6-8 metres across, with cool clean water, the colour of jade, gushing out of it. It is the cleanest water I have ever seen in North Thailand, & should be about as pure as you can get. The locals claim they don’t know how deep the hole is, but it could be hundred of meters even. We hung out here for 20 mins chatting to the locals, & hit the road again.

    Next & last stop was the Rim Kwan vineyard & restaurant, just north of the Phrao route 1150 turn off. The atmosphere, food & service here is good; so good that a quick snack stop turned into an hrs break. Check it out next time you are passing by.

    The Doi Ang Khang roads & route 107 from Chiang Mai make this the number one overnight ride from Chiang Mai. Do it sometime & there's no doubt you'll be highly impresed, if not exhilarated on 1340 or the Nor Lae - Fang back road.

    Keep the power on
  2. Enjoyed your report David, have emailed you separately. So where is Bob Sensale these days?, I see no trip reports from him. Is he stuck at Sax?
    Bob, if you read this email me or something.
    Stan Gayuski
    [stuck in Missouri]
  3. Stan
    Re Sensale, he is still in the country. We did the Samoeng loop



    yesterday, which turned into a bit of a "drink-a-thon"




    finishing up at the Fine Thanks with Meow at midnight.


    Sensale's been pretty busy riding & socialising, and I dont really know why he has not made any posts for his trip to Nan, Laos, North-East Thailand, & today in Chiang Khong. Perhaps he has not had time to spare? He's also had a bit of trouble with his bike, so maybe he does not want the world to know? My pen rai, I shall give him a gentle reminder (clip around the ears) to see if we can get him active on the board.

    Keep the power on
  4. Thanks David - Got an email from him from NongKhai [I believe]. Said he was returning USA on the 27th.

    I see everyone is "keeping the power on" over there. I miss it all.
    Back in time for Loy Katong in November though.
    The most amazing descent / climb in North Thailand.
    (See P58-50 of the Golden Triangle guide book.)


    The condition of the road varies considerably & as it’s such a tough steepie you need to know what sort of nick the road is in.
    Currently it’s “ok” with just a few sections of broken asphalt.
    There is, however, one nasty stony / gravel bend about 1/3 of the way down from Nor Lae.
    If you going down a bit fast & hit this corner it’s tough to try & scrub off speed, with out dumping it.(See photos below of the GT Rider’s young brother who learnt the hard way.)




    On a road bike with smallish (16 inch) wheels I'd recommend riding up & not down, as it should be a bit safer.
    On a dual purpose bike with bigger wheels then its ok to do it both ways.
    Heading down, whatever you do make sure you start off in a low gear – 1st or 2nd, use 3rd & you’ll get into trouble right away!

    Overall weather conditions are perfect right now – cool & dry with generally crystal clear blue skies.
    Above: Chiang Dao mountain on R107.

    Pix Above: R1178 going out to Arunothai & the Burma border



    Pix Above: R1340 Arunothai - Doi Ang Khang




    4 Pix Above: R1314. The Tha Ton - Doi Larng / Laem Road.
    See guide book P64.
    Do this from Tha Ton, before you had back to Cnx or onto Chiang Rai?

    Keep The Power On
  6. You're cruel.[}:)]
  7. Wimpy
    That's called Aussie humour & brotherly love. He'd certainly do the same thing to me given the slightest chance. (Just back from the MHS loop now & someone slipped some Tabasco sauce into my salad dish & had a great chuckle as I bit into it! That's brotherly love & Aussie humour on the road!)

    Keep The Power On
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    UPDATE 20 APRIL 2006
    Riders: John "Tinkerman" Nash (Jonnada Ghouse) & Davidfl (the old fox?)
    Bikes: Suzuki GSXR1260 & the ol Africa Twin 750.

    THE TRIP: Got away from the super at 1.30 pm & the less said about the early start the better. It was a frustrating but tolerable start to the day, but such is life in the great sabai of Chiang Mai & North Thailand neither of us felt any pressure to be on the road “at sparrows.”
    Traffic was busy going up to Chiang Dao on R107 – must be school holidays, so we did not get a real nice clean run. Took a cappuccino pit stop at the Krua Chiang Dao restaurant. John had an “early” lunch & I doubled up on the cappu. Funny how guys keeping late nights have different meals times eh? John also doubles as muso (bass guitarist) & I’m usually up late “waiting” for the happy go lucky singer girlfriend to come home. So brekky for us on night shift is anytime between 9.30 am – mid day. Lunch is mid-late arvo & dinner is 9pm plus. Anyway..
    After the pit stop, we headed north & turned off onto R1178 for Arunothai. In Arunothai it’s a right & then you’re on R1340 for Doi Ang Khang.

    Both R1178 & R1340 are in perfect condition right now, & so was the weather, clear & warm-balmy.

    R1340's a gorgeous tight steep twisting road that runs along the ridgeline right along the Thai / Burma border.

    We were both impressed, but not with the little amount of time we had. We only had time for a few quick photo stops along the way, plus one lengthy stop in Pha Daeng for John to tweak the chain on Suzi. It was here that I decided John’s nickname should be Tinkerman, as I seem to recall that he’s forever tinkering with his bikes, such is his love of them (or is it that that are never quite in trouble free condition?)

    Phae Daeng is my fave KMT village on R1340

    John "Tinkerman" at work in Pha Daeng

    Spectators in Pha Daeng watching John at work

    The scenery & views on R1340 are so good that you could easily spend 2-3 hrs cruising the 37 kms from Arunothai – Doi Ang Khang!


    Into the steep twisties on R1340

    In DAK we managed another coffee break & headed back down the main road R1249 to come out on R107, 14 kms south of Fang. Even though it was Tinkerman’s first time on R1249 he got well away from me to confirm his ex racer skills & I did not even try to keep him insight.
    This was all ok as we just snuck into Fang before the rain came down & we were well satisfied with ourselves (considering the departure time.)

    This was my first overnight trip with the Tinkerman & while checking into the hotel I was surprised when he asked what we should do next? His idea was a leisurely sleep & then maybe saunter down town later on for a bite to eat & a look around. Nah, that’s not the way to do it!
    As the time was already 6.15 pm I reckoned we had 30 mins for a shower & clean up, then a 2 hr massage, then dinner at the Ritzy & then hit the Cheers / Krua Luang for a bit of late night observation & entertainment. And so it was.
    A superb 2 hr massage at the Khun Poo, then dinner at the Ritzy

    The Ritzy is the place to dine inFang. Good food, service & inexpensive.

    & arrival at the Cheers around 10.30 pm. Cheers was rocking as usual. “with luck” we somehow we ended up drinking & talking to the English speaking manageress

    Manageress & staff at the Cheers.

    who made sure that we got well looked after, well inebriated & well billed accordingly.


    Just when you think you know what’s going on & you have the right inside line on things you suddenly realize that nope “they’ve” outsmarted you yet again. I’m still not sure of all the genders, or the gender preferences among the Cheers customers; but hell it was fun & I’m sure Koen 850 would be impressed.


    The next day was a slower one, me GPS-ing some of the sois in Fang in the morning while John tinkered with his bike & played guitar with the locals.


    At 1.00 pm we hit the road, straight down R107 home via Chiang Dao Hill Resort,

    The Chiang Dao Hill Resort is one of the more beautiful "natural" resorts in North Thai & well worth a relaxing visit for a drink / eat stop on R107.

    to Chiang Mai for a night of rest & get ready for the next ride. It had been yet another “hard day at the office;” not all the sois have been GPS-ed yet, so it will have to be another hard day at the office sooner, rather than later.

    Keep The Power On
  9. Testing for the Muppets........
  10. Hello,

    This is some pics from same loop.

    Date: 5.8.2007
    The Way: Fang - Muang Chum - Nong Tao - Nor Lae - Doi Ang Khang - Ban Luang - Pha Daeng - Sinchai - Arunothai - Na Wai - Chiang Dao - Chiang Mai
    Routes: 107 - 3015 - 1340 - 107
    Distance: 216km
    Time: 7h 30min

    Guide Book: A Motorcycle Guide To The Golden Triangle, David Unkovich
    Map: by Berndtson Thailand North, Mae Hong Son The loop

    Davidfl , you guide book is exellent, the "bible" for me! :wink:

    Doi Ang Khang loop is the TOP 1 loop what I rideing in North Thailand.

    The pics: Lasse's Paradise-
















    Myanmar-army camp



    Ban Nor Lae





    Thai-army camp, Ban Nor Lae



    Thai-Myanmar border, oposite to Myanmar-army camp



    thailasse again


    Doi Ang Khang


    Ban Luang





    Ban Pha Daeng



    Ban Arunothai..



    Doi Chiang Dao

  11. Thailasse
    Love the photos - makes me want to get out there & do the DAK Loop again.
    If you've got more pix of your motorbike adventures around Thailand - please post them.
    Thanks in advance.
  12. Thanks Davidfl,

    This is my little trip report from Hmong Pakhia side trip. Later i post more pics and little trip report. ... t4225.html
  13. DATE: Tues - Wed 9-10 December 2008.

    Just in from an overnighter in Fang, & returned via the short Doi Ang Khang loop & a few happy snaps of the road 'n scenery.

    Heading down to Ang Khang

    The basin & Ang Khang

    A standard shot outside my fave DAK restaurant

    The Ban Luang Resort, sister resort of the Ang Khang Nature Resort
    quieter, more remote & secluded.

    On the road, but not GT Riders

    The SEO Guy on the road R1340 DAK - Sinchai




    The scenery
    it was not always clear, but cloudy & foggy. Even at 11Am there were still bits of light fog around!

    Pha Daeng city

    On the road in Pha Daeng


    It was cool
    but I never did quite work out why she was wearing the gloves - to keep warm hands or to keep clean hands fingering the merchandise???

    Using the DAK / Sinchai short cut, you come out in Ban Yang, another huge Chinese KMT village.
    Here we stumbled across a road I'd missed GPS-ing. This lead to the Chai Prakarn hot springs.

    A rustic, but pretty site
    it has clean simple private rooms with bath tubs for 30 baht.
    Unfortunately the pictures don't do the place any justice, so if you’re in need of a 30 baht hot bath check it out sometime. You’ll be surprised, & more than likely you will be the only customer.

    The SEO Guy was impressed with the old trees
    and rightly so!

    I rate the Doi Ang Khang loop as the number one 1 night 2 day loop from Chiang Mai. Check it out you won't be disappointed at all.
  14. 2pm phone call from FL "You wanna go to Fang for the night?" - thats a bloody silly question to a man with "Spur of the Moment" tattooed on his forehead, right? :lol: "Ok, I'm just sorting things out, will let you know if its on within the hour"

    3pm phone call from FL - I've already fuelled up, packed my nightie & toothbrush, and I'm zipping the windproof liner into the mesh jacket... "Leaving in 40 minutes." Sweet - I'm already leaving - "Ok, I'll see you there!"

    Wheelspin out of the soi leading past the Rose Hotel, wheelspin out onto Highway 1, and I'm on the way into the late afternoon sun. Got a new (hopefully softer / stickier) rear tyre waiting at Joes - that new bloody Michelin on the back is a serious liability! Its almost put me down several times, and scares the hell out of me almost everytime I ride any distance on it. The main roads up here are slicker than snot on a doorknob some days, and the rubber compound must be too hard, especially on cooler days, or in the wet.

    Fang - make a mental note - on Tuesday nights, it has a night market on the main street as you are entering town from the south... a great place to wander around and examine the merchandise on offer. 8)

    But first - ensure there's a bed waiting for you later - THEN go relax, walk, eat and drink...
    Checked in at Phumanee Place, a modest 3 storey hotel in mid-town Fang.
    No lift, but when you're assigned a 4th floor room, its a comfort to note that they count the ground level as the 1st floor...
    Watch the 2nd step as you go up - its a bitch! Narrower and lower than all the others...
    400 baht for a room with a fan - believe me, in December you do NOT need aircon!
    Woke up to a thick, chilly fog, but downstairs coffee & tea was help-yourself free. Modest menu, the pad see ew gai (Link removed) was a damned good start to breakfast whilst I awaited the Resurrection of FL the next morning...

    Anyway, back to the market for a stroll...

    The thought of food eventually got in the way, and we rumbled around to Ritzty's, previously the best spot in town for live music and good meals. Tonight, its deserted - no music, no waitresses and things looked decidedly desperate... A retreat was called for, and David had spotted an intriguing sign a couple of hndred metres back along the street - "Uncle Jack's Hideaway" and "We speak English." Ok, so let's see what they've got...
    Hmmm... interesting... a 50 metre diversion off the highway, there's a cute little cowboy-themed restaurant, motorcycle parking aplenty...
    Uncle Jack turns out to be a bit of a character... a cross between Tom Selleck and Sam Elliot, and possessed of the most luxuriant moustache in The Kingdom of Siam!
    He, and his wife Lady Jane (as in Sweet Lady Jane, by The Rolling Stones) have a damn fine operation here. FL orders the fish steak, and I was blessed with a pork steak of sublime proportions, accompanied by fries, vegetables, bread etc... The 'waitress' was persuaded to pose after she'd delivered FL's dinner.
    Actually, without exaggeration, that was one of the most pleasant meals I've ever enjoyed, in quirky, humble surroundings, with the most charming of hosts. Lady Jane was a cheerful delight - as well as participating in the restaurant operation, she is a mathematics teacher, and was departing at 10pm for 2 hours of tuition with senior students...

    Next morning, the sun melted the fog away around 10am, and we split town as things were warming up and the mountains were emerging from their overnight shrouds. 14kms south of Fang, and onto 1249, and the steep little blast up the mountains to Doi Ang Khang...

    A strange coincidence - Jack and Jane are well acquaintend with our GT Rider friends Kurt and Mon of Chiang Dao. Next morning, on dismounting at Doi Ang Khang, who should we bump into but Kurt and Mon! Small world!

    The past week the visibility has steadily been declining, a lot of smoke haze that only some rain will eliminate. Doi Ang Khang was emerging from its hibernation as the processions of mini-vans disgorged visitors delighting in the crisp clean air.
    Doi Ang Khang is a sleepy little hollow, a former KMT stronghold, where some things are still done the old-fashioned way...
    Leisurely making our way in the direction of Sinchai
    As for FL's puzzlement over the lady's use of gloves as she is handling the sweet potatos - my assertion is that its directly related to the clay pot filled with glowing charcoal that the aforementioned potatos are cooking over... Ever eaten barbequed sweet potato? A pinch of salt, some New Zealand butter - mighty fine indeed!
    We took a brief coffee 'n cookie break at Pha Daeng...
    And kept meandering around through the high country - its truly like another world up here.
    Down off the mountains into the Chinese village of Ban Yang - a nice clean little township, and a brief diversion up a prominent side-street leads us to a Chinese temple...
    Just past the temple gates, a stand of large trees and a car park beckons...
    Hmm... another hidden gem - the Chai Prakarn Hot Springs...

    Back at the Highway 107, David breaks south for Chiang Mai, and I go left, crossing onto 109 for Mae Suai and home to Chiang Rai. A brilliant 24 hours in stunning scenery and great company on amazing motorcycling roads!
  15. One for Happy Feet & AK47Wildwacko again

    Plus one for the treddlies

    For those of you appreciate the elevation profiles, the GT Rider Golden Triangle map has elevation profiles for
    1. R1340 Arunothai - Doi Ang Khang
    2. R1249 The Doi Ang Khang Road.
    3. The Doi Mae Salonmg Road R1130 / 1234
    4. Akha Sam Yaek - Thoed Thai - Mae Mo. R3051
    5. Thoed Thai - Doi Tung. R1334.
    6. The Phi Chi Fah Road. R1094-R1155.
    If you're just using a GPS you won't have this info before you set off.
  16. David & Ben, thanks for sharing this epic & amazing report with us. One question though, the 'waitress's till there ? Anyway have to get there before Luke does......... :oops: :p
    Cheers, Franz
  17. dak-5a.

    Yep I don't doubt that she's still there - not many buyers between the SEO Guy & me I 'll proudly admit.
    But she was quite unbelievable with that hairstyle - straight out of the spin dryer I'd say, & then the voice - a high pitched squeal as if you were stomping on the cat's tail. Chuck in the smallest waist (pointed out by Ben, not me), that I've seen in a long long time & she was indeed an intriguing woman to behold. :roll:
    Quite incredible & another reason to check out Uncle Jack's Hideaway in Fang for some, maybe? :lol:
  18. Au contraire, Fearless Leader - I have no recollection of making mention of the waist - what waist? :roll: I do distinctly recall asserting that 'she' was a little slim in the hips for my liking! :shock:

    I prefer the fuller figure - 100% womanly! 8) In fact, and here's a contradiction - one of my favurite songs has the lyrics - "Fat Bottomed Girls, You Make the Rugged World Go Round" - by QUEEN!

    Still, each to his own... that's another of the delightful things about this country, the level of tolerance of individual differences, and the way everyone generally enjoys letting everyone else express their differences.

    Personally, I would not be seen dead in public with a hairstyle like that! No, not even if I was capable of growing hair all over... Still, lets face it - its no worse than an old, balding falang with a ponytail... Or comb-overs.... :lol:
  19. You blokes sure about the waitress.....???
    (s)he looks a little too much like a bloke I fear !
  20. No, she's alright, :wink: :wink: but she could be related the red haired disco singer in Fang ... -t216.html

    More of you guys should hang out in Fang, do the Doi Ang Khang Loop & have a night in the Cheers Pub.

    The DAK Loop & a late night at the Cheers are always top value, & have been for years... ... -t196.html
  21. Hi David, must go there at the yearend and check out if the high-pitched "waitress" is still there................5555, just kidding. Yes Ben, the level of tolerance is next to none, won't find this easily in Europe. That's part of the reason many of us live here. Simon, you guessed right, David already indicated with " .. " I want to hear ' her' voice, can't imagine other than sniffing Helium, ooops but then it would sound like straight out of a cartoon..... :cry: Cheers, Franz
  22. No, she's alright, :wink: :wink: but she could be related the red haired disco singer in Fang
    I tested this pic to my wife, and her thoughts with out reading immediately was"Looks like a guy"

    but like most of us, we havent herd her to talk or sing.
  23. In Doi Ang Khang recently I was able to witness the locals being registered for the issuing of Thai ID cards.

    A first for Doi Ang Khang I was told.

    The cards were only being issued to those born in Doi Ang Khang & not those who had migrated from Myamar.

    There were some very happy young people. Having an ID card means you can go to a real school, have a bank account, get a motorcycle licence, get finance, but a motorbike / car in your name. You can have a real life.





    and for the record, the date: 25th May 2013.
    3 cheers for the locals in Doi Ang Khang, a few hundred are a lot happier.
  24. Just in from a pink cherry tree run up to Fang via Doi Ang Khang & back....

    And the trees are a blooming folks.

    It was a late get away (what a surprise) & quick blast R107


    In Chai Prakarn it was a ledft turn then west to the old KMT village of Mai Nong Bua, then up over the mountains to Sinchai & north along R1340 to Doi Ang Khang.
    All of these roads are on the GT Rider Golden Triangle guide map, if you don't know the towns or roads.

    The Mai Nong Bua - Sinchai road & view


    a view



    The Sinchai army checkpoint


    Then onto R1340 north to Doi Ang Khang & where all the pink action is


    Pink is the sensational colour to go




    Pha Daeng







    Ban Luang


    Want to know about the tree:

    Wild Himalayan Cherry - Prunus Cerasoi


    It should be in bloom right now in many places around North Thailand
    Chang Kian on Doi Suthep from Chiang Mai is arguably the best & easiest place to go right now.
    Other good places to go, where yo get to do a real ride are
    1. Doi Inthanon / Khun Wang
    2. Doi Mae Salong
    3. Doi Ang Khang, my guess is this will better in the coming week or two.

    maybe Doi Phukha in Nan is ok, but I've not seen any photos from there..

    Go for a ride & enjoy. The Doi Ang Khang loop with an over night in Fang is my # 1 recommended 1 night 2 day ride.
    Check out this Fang info

    Fang is a town many people over look, but there's definitely no need to. It is close to Cnx & brilliant for a late start & over nighter.
  25. And if anyone is interested in the route, the elevation profile looks like this

    The way above: Mae Rim - R107 - Chai Prakarn - left to Mai Nong Bua - Sinchai right on R1340 - Doi Ang Khang - R1249 - R107 - Fang.

    And the travel time pottereing along on R1340 & R1249.


    all easy peasy folks - go for a ride.

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