The Hmong Pakhia side trip

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  1. The Hmong Pakhia side trip
    Date: 29.7.2007
    The Way: Mae Na - Checkpoint - Hmong Pakhia - Mae Na
    Distace: 47km.
    Total time: 3h (Hmong Pakhia - Mae Na 50min.)
    Riders: thailasse and three thaillasses friends
    Bikes: 4 x Honda AX-1

    Guide Book: A Motorcycle Guide To The Golden Triangle, David Unkovich
    Map: Mae Hong Son The loop

    Pics: Lasse's Paradise-

    The Hmong Pakhia is exellent dirt road for dirt road fan.

    Route 107 - Checkpoint 16km. You can find this singboard 4.7km before Chiang Dao.






    thailasse rideing


    exellent dirt road, we love it



    Checkpoint and Finnish flag


    Way to Hmong Pakhia



    Happy riders



    Nice dirt again



    Ban Hmong Pakhia



    Bign Tall, we don't forget take fuel.. :D


    The village people


    Back to Mae Na



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  2. Thailasse - Thanks a heap for posting your report on this website. Its refreshing to see riders coming into South East Asia, getting info from the web site and in return giving back with a report of their travels. Thank you.

    The area surround Chiang Dao is some of the most scenic you'll find in northern Thailnd with the limestone karsts and thick jungle. Glad you guys got to experience it and enjoy the ride.

    You had me laughing when I saw your picture taking on gas :D . Good on you.

    Pics look fantastic. Great stuff.
  3. thailass, greAt stuff, nice to see that area in photos, i havent seen any from there before. from pakhia there are routes to take you all the way into the sop-kai maung khong trail if you fancied an extension in that particular area.
    let us know when you are next in the area and we will muppetize you!
  4. Hello honda honky nice to meet you in GT-Rider forum :D

    Last hollyday 06/08 we check with my friends the Sop Kai loop and the Muang Khong side trip. I write later this days some little trip report and posting some pics also.

    Heh great! :D I try come next time in North Thailand 05/09 and I let you know (of course Bign Tall also!!) days when I arrive to Chiang Mai.
  5. This sounds like a recipe for a fun riding group that enjoy seeing the backroads of Thailand. Hopefully we can put together a fun ride for your return.

    Keep on posting, great stuff.
  6. Bign Tall, you listen all right. I plan a one day trip from Chiang Mai and I hope I can see Bign Tall on the road a fun. But first I must return to Chiang Mai and North Thailand. :wink:

    Ps. Bign Tall, this is two You Tube-videos from Hmong Pakhia side trip. I', sorry we speak videos only Finnish language.

    The Hmong Pakhia side trip

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