Fang-Doi Ang Khan-Jock Scott Loop

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  1. October 4 and 5, 2003
    Fang-Doi Ang Khang-Jock Scott Loop

    “Meeting at the Kafe 10.00 am for brekky Saturday morning, then on the road "soon after. From Chiang Mai, route 118 to Charin Resort, then back track a little to Mae Suai & take 109 across to 107 & Fang. Party in Fang for the night, then head home via Doi Ang Khang. From Fang, routes 108 - 1249 - 1340 - 1178 - 107.”

    After almost a year of lurking on this board, except for a few minor posts, and procrastinating about doing a group ride, I saw the above post of Dave’s.

    I had yet to meet Dave and took a chance on dashing into town on Friday and seeing if I could find the infamous Africa Twin. Sure enough, there it was parked in front of the Kafe. I went in and found Dave reading a paper and introduced myself. Although at first he did not seem too happy about being interrupted, I asked if I could join the ride. I got a smile and a friendly “No worries mate”.

    I quickly rented a Trans Alp 600 from Lek, fueled up, and did a quick shake down cruise half way up Doi Suthep and back. I’m ready!

    Saturday morning I met up with Dave, Frank Butler (who I had met previously at Mad Dog), Philippe and Steve. We got away fairly prompt and headed up 118. This started looking like a “kanom (snack)” tour when we first stopped at the hot springs, then Cabbages and Condoms and finally Charin Resort.

    We back tracked and headed across 109 which was being freshly surfaced as we rode. Fortunately all the fresh gooey stuff was being put on the eastbound side as we headed west. We thought maybe Dave, using his influence, ordered this road freshly paved for our trip and they were a little behind schedule, but he denies any involvement.

    I won’t give a step by step account of this ride as Dave has previously covered it in his Doi Ang Khan-Fang Loop post. I can say it is definitely one of the most scenic rides in the North. I have done it previously by 4x4, but it takes on a whole different feel on 2 wheels.

    I am not a “newbie” to 2 wheel touring but I felt like a real novice when it came to this group. Frank is on a Round-the-World in 1,000 days trip on his BMW,, out of PNG. Philippe started out from Belgium many years ago and has traveled on almost every continent. Steve isn’t laying claim to any current home country but speaks fluent Cambodian and seems to jump back and forth between there and Thailand after also spending many years 2 wheeling and trekking the globe. We know about Dave.

    I am not impressed easily, but listening to this group’s tales and opinions over a couple bottles of Jock Scott was a highlight of the trip. These guys have done it, not just dreamed it or made up a bunch of bull””!

    Ahh…. what is Jock Scott you ask? Another lesson from my trip was the proper selection of brew to get maw on. I foolishly volunteered to accompany Dave on a quest for the best bottle in Fang. After hitting almost every liquor outlet in Fang I learned 1st, you must check every bottle to make sure it is 43 percent alcohol not just a measly 40 percent. 2nd one has to check the box and the bottle inside. Make sure it is a 750ml bottle not a stinking little 700ml bottle. Then after negotiating the Thai-Chinese owner for the best deal, “Jock Scott Scotch Whiskey” 380 baht, you clean out his stock and run.

    You’ll have to ask one of us in person what you do while touring Fang and depleting this alcohol supply. But, I will say the nightlife is incredibly good for a town this size. A five person group massage is quite an event, we will have to return to Cheers and finally decide on the gender of the Red Head Singer, Frank’s head injury should leave only a small scar, and at least one person on the trip could actually ride his motorcycle and find the hotel even though he could not find the exit from the bar.

    Sunday evening we killed the last of poor old “Jock Scott” at the Bier Stube in Chiang Mai. No rain, no grief, and a great ride. If you get a chance to ride with any of this group, take it. You won’t soon forget it.

    Dave Early

    Ever notice that "What the Hell!" is usually the right answer?
  2. Glad to hear that David has learned his lessons about proof and volume considerations while shopping for cheap Scotch whiskey.

    What is more amazing about his expertise is that he only switched to Scotch recently, after many years of gin and tonic abuse.

  3. Bob
    Yes indeed, it was you the roving liquor connoisseur, who coached & showed me the error of my drinking ways.
    But that night in Fang, it was actually a toss-up between either whisky or gin. The whisky only won out because we found a 1-litre bot of 43% J&B for 750 baht, which I considered excellent value for money, when in the same shop the owner also had another 1-litre bot of 40% J&B for the same price, 750 baht. So the 43 proof J&B got the nod, & mainly because we thought we were putting one over the shopkeeper.
    However, between 5 thirsty gentlemen bikers, a single 1-litre bot of J&B was not enough. The Jock Scott caught my eye simply because of the name, then we saw the price - it was a steal @ 350 baht, so we took 2 for good measure.
    This Fang liquor shop shall stay nameless for the time being, as the old Chinese guy’s also got a 30 yr 1-litre bot of Haig, that he refuses to part with (so far). But next trip to Fang I plan to have another crack at it.
    Now that night, if we did not get any decent whisky, then the choice for me would have to have been (several bots of ) 40% Gordon’s gin, and that would have lead to some serious abuse & frivolity amongst the boys.

    All this reminds me of my last trip to Mae Hong Son, & trying to buy a decent bot of whisky for the night. I managed to track down some 43% Ballantines in a 7-11 store. After checking that the bottle indeed was 43% proof, I put it under my arm to pay & walk out. But the gorgeous young shopkeeper stopped me dead in my tracks, and asked me to take another boxed bottle, that was unpriced, so that they could keep the bottle with price sticker on for display. I thought nothing of it, took the other boxed bottle, paid & left. Imagine my surprise, 45 mins. later sitting in a restaurant with a young impressionable female dinner companion, when I realized on the first sip, that I’d been had & it was only 40% proof. I decided to grit my teeth, grin and bear it for the duration of the night, rather than head back to the 7-11 to complain & spoil the evening. The moral of the story, check the bottle in the box!

    And last but not least, yes, the jury is still out on the red haired singer in Fang.

    Keep the power on
  4. David

    The boys don't know how lucky they are that you did find Scotch. Some of us have seen you on the gin nights. (Some of us have been there with you as well.)

    And how good/bad is the Jock Scott? Better or worse than the Lao-bought Glen Turner? Or couldn't you tell after the J&B!!


    By the way, which of you was elected to confirm the sex of the red haired singer? Or are you waiting for "Stan the Man" to volunteer?
  5. Well here's on for ya:
    Remember that local Thai pal of mine that rode with me on my first trip in Nov of 02? Well he has moved to Fang, opened up a bar and has a singer working.

    While I do not know the hair colour or gender of this singer I am sure to find out when I buzz through Fang on my upcoming visit in November....

    Anyone wanna be a witness?
  6. Hey Stan

    From the original post, it looks like the bar in Fang with the red haired singer is named "Cheers". Is that the bar your buddy opened?

    And did he open it with your money? Hmmmm - the plot sickens!!

    Did you finally decide to show up in November?


    By the way, watching you confirm that the singer is female is low quality porn at best. Watching you confirm that the singer is or was male is not an option.
  7. Doubt he'd open a place with that name, and I only gave him 10K baht anyway to 'get himself working'

    What's a redhead doing in Fang anyway?..Or Thailand for that matter. And I'm certainly thinking it's a real She; no gender bending.

    Dates still uncertain but trying for early-mid November departure. Going to Singapore first for a few days.
  8. "What's a redhead doing in Fang anyway?..Or Thailand for that matter. And I'm certainly thinking it's a real She; no gender bending."

    Hey Stan - it is just the shade of the month - Katoey Red.

    All the "girls" are wearing it.
  9. Jock Scott, Red Haired Singers and Fang Loop.

    By coincidence I happened to enter side by side with the fabulous red-haired singer. I temporarily lost my breath and under her spell and the influence of Jock Scott -mother of all Scotches- almost fell on my knees to declare her my love and my eternal financial support and an exclusive education for her numerous children at Harvard, but didn't get the time as she rushed to the stage. On various occasions I had to resist the temptation to rush at her dancing feet and drag her offstage and when my four biking friends repeatedly assured me of the presence of some sort of banana in her trousers I lost all reference for what concerns choosing the right gender. I now and forever lost all self-confidence and am floating in a choatic world where questions are raised in front of long hair and lovely breasts. I'll never be the same again.

    Luckily I felt great moments of joy during this beautiful trip of ours, following David along some of the most pleasant drives I've done in this country and smiling ecstatically in front of lots of lush scenery, especially during the climb of Doi An Khan and when having the privilege to choke David in my exhaust fumes in many of the faster curves. Eat my Space Dust, David!

    Right, I hereby send my politest regards to my traveling companions and wish them lots of fun playing with firm silicone breasts in the future.

  10. Philippe-
    Don't lose faith in redheads or womanhood quite yet. The jury is still out. Many opinions were given but no one has the definitive answer.

    As we also only touched on the great riding and scenery in that area (both outdoors and indoors). I definately would like to make another expedition into the realms of Doi Ang Khan and redheads. Lets see what we can plan in the future.

    Dave Early

    Ever notice that "What the Heck!" is usually the right answer?
  11. The Invasion and Obsession of Redheads.

    I'm totally in favor of going back to Fang for a double-check. After more consideration I have to admit that the fabulous and legendary red-haired singer might be a vulgar bloke. It's a horrible and unspeakable idea but remember the scene where she appeared quite undressed, with two shiny silver stars super glued on her nipples? That's a specific katoy thing, no? Jock Scott probably blurred my senses because even during that particular performance I continued drooling and being in awe in front of her charismatic beauty.

    So, when are we going back? And how many times?

    Philippe - Natural Born Tourist.
  12. I recall once in my past life I entered into the hallowed grounds of the Spotlight Bar and happened to notice that almost all of the lasses parading on stage had their breasts adorned with these disgusting stick-on stars, not one of of them, I am fairly sure, was born with a pair of nuts.

  13. Hey you guys don't forget about the pub on the other side with the biggish singer, dressed in black with the nice shawl drooped across her shoulder, who sat at our table & enchanted us "all" - is the jury out on that one too?
    Also if you take a look at the last report on Fang at
    Link removed
    you will see that Robert was indeed perplexed & could not make a decision on what should be the redheaded singer..........perhaps another trip is indeed called for?

    Keep the power on
  14. The girls at the Safari Bar in Patpong also proudly wear the silver stars. This bar is fairly well known for its lack of ex-men.

    I can't confirm Reverend Ian's memories of the Spotlight Bar. These come from his past life, before he became a missionary.

    Or was it before trying the missionary position?

    Personally, I give them gold stars if they deserve them.

  15. The full name in the new life is Mohammed Ian bin Abdullah. But that name only applies when the ZZR is out of reach.
  16. Philippe-
    Trying to send you an email but I get it returned as a bad email address. Quit being so secretive and send me your right address. Thanks.

    I tried again today (Fri), still no good.
    Dave Early

    Ever notice that "What the Heck!" is usually the right answer?
  17. Bisexuality immediately doubles your chances for finding a date for the night. After proof and volume consumptions, whomever has the curviest curves gets the bopper from the bar hopper for a few baht. You may want to rethink your gender, close your eyes, relax & bend her or surrender being the bender.

    “EXPRESS yourself, don’t REPRESS yourself"
  18. Hey...Good One!...Aren't you 'bending' the rules a bit?...No matter, flexibility is often a virtue.
    I can dig the curves, on and off road.

    I'm now psychologically damaged and the consequence is that I'm more and more convinced that David Unkovich might be an ugly woman in disguise. The Illusion of Genders. The Kafe is not safe anymore.

    Mr David Earl, today (friday) I also tried to contact you but in vain. Please write me at [email [email protected]][email protected][/email] or phone my guesthouse : 053.274355 room 99

    So long, Philippe.
  20. Hi Jade

    Now that we know that you go both ways, are you volunteering to investigate the redhead singer? You know - woman to "woman".

    No wonder you and Stan are buddies.

  21. Hi Jade:
    Well I guess that's what one gets with a Masters in Liberal Arts & Humanities...Shoulda went to a local college located west of the Hudson River instead I guess. (Coulda saved a hoop of money to boot)....Anyway assumptions are usually not too enlightned or accurate. Who cares anyway really.

    Well I think Western guys are probably how you indicate. Why not find a nice Thai guy while visiting - if they are as genteel as the gals you have a treat in store and you'll never return to the plain old white-bread breed again. Bagettes, Bagels, and Brown Bread?.....Or is that another 3-B,s list?

    "Life Is Too Important To Be Taken Seriously"
  22. Hello Dave

    Just learned of your site. Very cool.
    Rmpd whole new ball game.

    Have a good one drop me a line any time.
  23. Somewhere in one of B&T recent posts he mentioned going back to Fang for a night. This brought memories flooding back of the Jock Scott & Doi Ang Khang Loops in search of the Red Disco Fly! ... -t199.html ... -t216.html ... -t132.html

    So I dug out some photos for a laugh... & shyte how time flies....




    Stopped in Doi Ang Khang

    One of the riders with us was Frank Butlter, alias Mr BeEm
    who managed to ride into & out of Vietnam on his BMWF650 not long afterwards.
  24. This was my first introduction to riding with Davidfl and motorcycling in Thailand. I rented a totally worn out Trans Alp in town and tagged along with the group. I was totally in awe with the riding and the scenery. As they say the rest is history. From some of the posts you can see some things have changed and others stay the same.

    Phillipe and I did a follow up trip to this to solve the mystery of the "red headed singer"
    This was also when we "discovered" the Burma border road and the washouts that have been posted in Happy Feet's recent meanderings. The army was not so keen on letting us in at that time.


    I did a page on this area on my old website at
    Guns and Poses Road Tour

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