NEW Fang-Doi Ang Khan Expedition

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  1. The Expedition will begin with Breakfast at the Kafe Wednesday, Oct 15, 10:00AM. Departing shortly thereafter we will explore the scenic reaches of the Doi Ang Khan area taking photos and enjoying scenery along the way.

    That evening the mission will be to unveil all the mysteries of the now infamous town of Fang. (See post Fang-Doi Ang Khan-Jock Scott). Join the intrepid explorers Dave E., Philippe, to be joined by the imitable Steve later arriving in Fang from Mae Sai.

    Add a post or an email so we know who to expect, or just meet us at the Kafe. The mysteries will be laid to rest (or not!).

    Dave Early

    Ever notice that "What the Heck!" is usually the right answer?
  2. "Add a post or an email so we know who to expect, or just meet us at the Kafe. The mysteries will be laid to rest (or not!)."

    Love to come along for the show, but still in the USA. But we all want to hear about how the mystery gets laid, and by who.

  3. Dave & Philippe
    Wish I could join you for the trip. Fang has always been one of my fave up-counry towns.
    If you want to try another hotel in Fang, give the Ueng Kham (UK) a go. Price should be the same, if not cheaper, than the Chok Thani, plus it is located just a couple of hundred metres from the Cheers complex - walking distance for anyone who might be slightly over inebriated...
    I should be in either Chiang Khong or Huay Sai when you guys are in Fang & will be thinking of you on your danger ridden expedition..........

    Keep the power on
  4. Hi!

    I'm in Bangkok at the moment but after reading all the previous posts
    with great interest my curiosity forbids me not to join you guys in this important mission..

    I've just booked the 1315-flight to CM and if the weather allows I'll rent a bike and catch up with you later tonight.

    Not sure you'll read this post before leaving CM.. but anyway; See you!

  5. Well boys I'm back from my run up to Chiang Khong & Huay Sai.
    So, how was Fang & is he / she still single?

    Keep the power on
  6. Mission Accomplished.

    Philippe and I had a great ride up to Fang by way of Arunothai and Nor Lae. Nor Lae became our favorite village and the steep twisty road down to Fang became our regular route. We visited Nor Lae three times in as many days.

    Purely by chance going north from Nor Lae we ran into Steve, who was southbound from Mai Sai, and told of us of a “new” deserted road he discovered coming from Thaton. We all went to Fang that evening and said we would do the road in the AM. Steve later decided to go back home so Philippe and I backtracked the following day.

    Off to Fang where we met a young guy named Dan from Sweden who had read our posts and flew from BKK to Chiang Mai, rented a bike and found us at Cheers. He at least gave Philippe a little competition.

    The next morning when reaching the turnoff from Fang to Nor Lae we turned right instead of left. We had to drive rather quickly through a checkpoint entering this road, sorry no number, as the guards came out of their huts waving and I don’t think they were saying Hello.

    An incredible 60 kilometer drive followed. The road was deserted and washed out in spots where one had to hold his breath and maneuver a 1 meter wide path around the drop-offs. Other sections we passed were partially washed out or cracked and waiting for their day to take the plunge. At what second does this happen? Would it dare happen with a motorcycle on top?

    This road followed the border and passed near to Doi Phahompok we believe. The road came out at a checkpoint on the Mai Ai-Thaton loop road #1314, 13 kilometer from Thaton. We cannot find any record of this road, can you help us out Dave?

    So now what do we do? We really don't have to return home today. Off to Fang of course. We decided it would make a great trip to connect our “new” route with the Doi Ang Khan route back to Chiang Dao some day. Well, why not tomorrow?

    We overnighted in Fang after a massage and another ear trashing night at Cheers. A rather late start and we headed to Thaton and found our road just south of the bridge. The road sign completely blocked by a bush.

    When I told the guard at the checkpoint we were going to Nor Lae he said "No,no, cannot" shaking his head. But another one of the guards had seen us come down the day before, I believe, and although his partner did not appear too happy he shook our hands and let us go. We later ran into armed patrols and numerous check points. Only once did two guys jump from the bush and actually aim their rifles at us. After a little chat we received an apology .

    We had left Fang about 11:00AM and did not arrive Chiang Mai until almost 8:00PM. I’m sorry we did not keep accurate trip notes as we were just enjoying it too much.

    Oh Yeah, the Red Haired Singer. I received a call from Philippe yesterday saying he could not make our appointed dinner & photo/trip review in CMX because HE HAD RETURNED TO FANG. The report on the Red Haired Singer will have to be his.

    You can see the photos of our trip at my web page

    Philippe and his new conquest is at the bottom of the page.
    Philippe, don’t get lost forever!

    Dave Early

    Ever notice that "What the Heck!" is usually the right answer?
  7. Boys
    Just back from another over night trip to DAK & Fang.
    I changed the route a little this time; and going North from Chiang Mai, went onto route 1178 via the dirt road from Nong Khaem – it was interesting as it had rained the day before, and riding the bikes we had, you would not want to get caught out there in the wet!
    We thought we were pretty lucky pulling that one off, but once we turned onto route 1340 from Arunothai to DAK, it started to rain. It rained all the way to DAK & a bit further.
    None of us had any waterproofs!
    The 3 bikes all had bald tyres, ok in the dry, but not much fun on roads that I consider to be the steepest in North Thailand, and it soon became a tad less enjoyable (= miserable).
    If you don’t quite get the picture it was cold, wet, foggy, and we had water running down the inside of our jackets, soggy crotches, and feet soaking in water filled boots.
    It was a big relief to get safely down off DAK without dropping any of the bikes!

    From DAK, we opted to come down via Nor Lae, on the steepest asphalt, as I seem to recall some dirt sections on the very steep hairpin bends towards the middle of route 1249.
    Dave & Phil is this right – can you remember some short dirt sections on route 1249? If yes, then I’m glad we descended via Nor Lae, as I don’t like my chances riding down route 1249 on dirt in the wet, and trying to keep the Africa Twin upright all the way on bald tyres! In fact I reckon it would be quite an effort for 2 or even 3 guys, to jointly pick up any of the bikes we had, on such steep slippery muddy slopes (anyone want to test out this theory?)

    In Fang
    The food at the Ritzy was as good as ever, & the massage as good as…….
    BUT, there’s no Jock Scott left in Fang – so which of you gentlemen bought the last bottles(s)? Come on hands up?
    Now without any Jock Scott I was somewhat more sober at the The Cheers, and I have to admit to changing my mind about a certain singer.
    However, before I expose myself & reveal my “final decision” I want to read Philippe's report………….

    Keep the power on

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