1216, a hidden Pearl in Nan?

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    A friend tipped me about 1216 and I went to check it out. What a surprise!
    Good roads as the pictures will show. And it's a pleasant "detour" between Nan and Phrae, or for a day loop in Nan. Good for all types of bikes.

    Winding roads all the way to the top.

    Almost a perfectly clear day.

    The view in either direction is spectacular.

    Some fancy Bangkok girls really enjoying the selfies..
    From the camping ground at Khun Sathan NP.

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    Wow. Some beautiful views & colour there - you lucky man.

    That Khun Satan road is a beauty alright & not one that many people do I guess, because it is sort of out of the way & most riders are probably in a bit of a hurry going to / from Nan - Phrae.

    Here's how some of it looks in google earth.

    302765=20885-GPS Map024.jpg

    302765=20886-GPS Map025.jpg

    As you can see it has a steep winding ascent / descent either end & basically runs along the ridge line up the top.

    Here's the elevation profile

    302765=20884-GPS Map023.jpg

    And some pics up there from 2008
    Cabbage central




    & for a laugh here's a couple from the late 1980s


    hanging out with the Mlabri

    If anyone else is interested R1216 & the Khun Satan road is also on GTR here





    Oddvar thanks for bringing R1216 back to attention - its been a while since we saw a report on it. Much appreciated.
  3. Very Impressive! Great stuff Oddvar! The Tribe Guy with You David Looks like a Head Hunter from Borneo!!!
  4. I think the man is from the Spirit of the yellow leaves.
  5. Great pictures.
    The more I see of Northern Thailand roads the more 'hidden pearls' there seem to be.
    So many roads, how to decide which ones to try on a limited holiday?
    Thanks for posting.

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