Fitting hand Guards to KLX250S ?

Discussion in 'Technical' started by Lakota, Dec 25, 2011.

  1. just looking at fitting some hand Guards to the KLX250S.

    The stock bars have a metal plug welded in. Does anyone know how far this plug goes in and if its easy to drill out ?

    Oh. Merry Christmas :)
  2. The Plug is only a Washer. If You are going to fit Hand Guards spend the extra and Get the Real Acerbis Ones. The Cheap Copies bend as soon as they have any force put on them so basically useless! Also Get some Alloy Bars as the Original ones bend up easy as well!
  3. I've just done an exploratory drill. the bits gone in 10mm already. there's a maybe 5mm hole in the middle already, just prodded it with a nail and it appears the 'washer' goes right through. I wonder if they've fixed that Original problem by putting a steel bar in it . ;) I may need that Alloy Bar after all. Any Ideas where I can get one that 'actually fits' without mods :?
  4. I am Surprised? The Bars on the KLX I have all just had like a washer in the ends? Maybe they have made them better? Anyway if You want to fit them to the Original bars get the Kawasaki Shop to Fit them for You? For the Alloy Bars In Chiang Mai the Kawasaki Dealer has them or else the Motocross Shop on the Corner of the Moat by the Triumph Dealership. Not sure about Chiang Rai?
  5. Thanks Ian,

    The Bar appears to be just spot welded in. maybe if I can remove the weld it'll come out. Now who said they had a dremel handy ?

    If I make a mess then its down to CM I guess. Can't even get a spare inner tube at the new CR dealers.
  6. OK, a mate ground a few mill off the end of the bars and we pulled out a 2 inch Mild Steel Bar, must be there to strengthen the bar on newer models.

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