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Discussion in 'Technical' started by monsterman, Sep 23, 2007.

  1. monsterman

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    I just got home and found my Ducati had a screw through the back tyre its is a new onlt 1000Km old Metzler M6 and cost 12,000 baht do you think a rubber plug fix is good enough because getting another decent tyre will take ages here.

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  3. monsterman

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    I always carry one of those kits with the Co2 cartridge but as the bike is at home I want to do the best repair possible
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    Hi Jerry,

    Hope you' re fine, about your Metzler tyre puncture, just have a look at the following link they display the possible solutions for fixing it ... vaison.htm .

    For me the best one (in the meaning of the easiest one when it happens on the road) , the one I use with the Harley in France is the external repair with CO2 cartridge.

    Now may be the most "corporate" one would be to repair the tyre after dismounting from the wheel by an internal fixing, but it's too difficult when being alone.

    Hope it helps, even if the explanation of the link are in French, the illustration should be enough

    Hope it helps.
  5. monsterman

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    On Mike "RUSTY" Rust reccomendation i took it to a shop in Tepprasit Road and they took the tyre off with a machine properly so the rim is not marked and vulcanised a patch on , top quality repair.

  6. DavidFL

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    Popping up an older thread, simply because of the title.....": Fixing puncture?/? "

    August 2012
    Noted these in Piston Shop in Chiang Mai



    and reckon that for tubeless riders, these certainly maybe the way to go.

    Check with Nat at Piston Shop.
    check out the Slime Website.

    Marty these might be good for you guys in CEI to sell?
  7. stubzi

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    Hi David,
    Do you have a phone number for the Piston shop in Chiang Mai?
  8. DavidFL

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  9. stubzi

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