Flooding? Chiang Mai - Chiang Dao Return

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  1. Friday 13th August 2010....
    Well last night was another late night of torrential rain. My soi was flooded for the first time & water was lapping at the bottom front door step...


    We ordered some sandbags today as a precaution.

    So today it was time to pop up to Chiang Dao & check on the water level in the Mae Ping.


    There was a heavy shower riding through the twisties, south of Chiang Dao.
    In the 2005 flood the water was up to the bridge in the photo, so it’s not that high or dangerous yet.





    The Ping from the Chiang Dao city bridge
    looking upstream

    Looking downstream

    John Gooding
    minding another of Brian66’s bikes. Lucky man.

    East of Chiang Dao



    Through the rice paddies..

    West of Chiang Dao on the bypass road



    Escaping the rain on the way home


    Thanks for the afternoon ride & helping out with photos John.

    For a "recent" flood benchmark check out this 2005 flood report

    I reckon some of the waterfalls must be looking pretty impressive at the moment, so why not duck out in between showers & get a few photos guys?
  2. It's a bit damp further North too. I spent the last 2 days in the Golden Triangle area. Stayed last night at Chiang Saen. The main road from Sop Ruak to Mae Sai was closed due to flooding today and the road that goes under the bridge, alongside the river at Mae Sai was under water. There's certainly a lot of water around.

    The soi and the car park at my hotel in Chiang Mai were under water on Wednesday night when I returned from Miguel's. Don't know about last night, I wasn't there.

    The Mekong is looking much healthier than the last time I saw it. Here's a pic taken this morning.

  3. I very much enjoyed the trip out. Proves to me yet again that just because there are some dark clouds looming and one gets wet from time to time, one can still have a great day out this time of year.
    The roads are washed quite clean, and still decent grip, the scenery is more dramatic and changing rapidly. Thanks to David, for confirming to me that this is a great place to base yourself if you really enjoy your biking. So many places to go in easy reach.
  4. wonderful green, everything! very nice. much more nice, than in december, when I usually travel around SE Asia
  5. Went up to Doi Inthanon yesterday 15th Aug.

    Watchirathan falls weren't flowing as strongly as I'd expected considering the amount of rain that was around.


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