Flying with bike gear..any tips?

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  1. I'm planning to bring a helmet and Dririder jacket when I come to ride around the North in October- any tips on whether I should try and fly with the helmet as hand-luggage? It's not my best one but I expect its better than a hire one, and I know how some luggage gets bashed around.
    When I've hired bikes/scooters for little day trips on O'S visits before I've put up with dodgy helmets, but I'm hoping to be doing things a bit faster on some of your good roads and a bigger bike, and for a couple of weeks: so this time I'm bringing the gear.
    Any experiences regarding this issue, I'd love to hear about, as I start to plan my luggage...
  2. We came up from Australia with the helmets as hand luggage last November. Had a cloth bag for the helmet and no problems from security or Thai Airways. Also had my magnetic tank bag as in-cabin luggage, again, no problem. The cloth bag for the helmet then doubled as a backpack when we were walking around touristing. Carry the jacket as they are generally to bulky for a bag in the hold. I had previously contacted the airline to check if it was OK, and got an e-mail from them saying it was no problem. That may have been handy if the gate staff kicked up a fuss, but no dramas. The combined weight of the helmet and tank bag must be less than 7 kgs (for Thai Airways), and fit in the test guage, again no problems. Enjoy.
  3. I did almost exactly what Deano did last year. All hand carry w/ no checked bags.

    Small/Medium gym or duffel bag contained:

    1. Helmet with mesh riding pants rolled up and placed in the helmet
    2. Magnetic tank bag with all photo/electronic gear, GPS, maps inside.

    Backpack contained:

    1. 2-3 days of clothes. You don't need more as laundry service is cheap and plentiful where ever you are.
    2. Riding gloves
    3. Toiletries
    4. Light non-riding shoes or sandals
    5. Puncture repair, small metric tool set, first aid kit

    Worn on the plane:

    1. Ballistic Jacket (of course can remove during flight, but will get warm huffing it through Suvarn to your connect with all carry ons in tow). Try carrying it, but wearing it is a good prelude for the heat to come sitting in CM traffic. :lol:
    2. Riding boots (too big/bulky to place in backpack)

    When on the bike underway:

    1. All you have left is the backpack with spare clothes/toiletries in it. So stuff it in the duffel bag, strap to the back of the bike and you're off.

    I was there for over 2 weeks and this was just right. Never needed more, but couldn't get much more through carry-on with this method either.

    Late Oct. you're at the end of the wet, but be prepared for some (not familiar with Dririder, but sounds it should do the bizness). I got hit with a short 10 minute burst down by Sop Moei, but that was it. I had no wet weather gear and it actually felt good to get a good soaking. And then you see the Thais with no gear and no glasses just squinting it through the deluge, so you just keep rolling. When in Rome............
  4. Have always carried helmets as hand luggage, never been a problem. Have found with heavy riding boots where luggage weight restrictions apply its better to actually wear them to lighten the load. can always take them off in the cabin during the flight ( so long as they arent too smelly :) )
  5. :D Thanks guys...just the info I needed...I have an overnighter in Brunei ( the downside of an incredibly cheap flight) so I'll have to think about the pros and cons of wearing the jacket and boots. And I'll be catching the train up after a couple of days in BKK.
    Good tip about the email correspondence with the airline - I'll get on to that.
    The Dririder jacket has a zip-in waterproof liner...but those things are SO damn airtight you get wet from your own sweat maybe I'll just take my chances and dry out by riding like the locals if necessary.
    Talking of strapping luggage on, are Occy (elastic) straps readily available over there at a sensible price?
  6. Boots, I weighed up the pros and cons and settled on a pair of sturdy waterproof hiking boots to do dual purpose as my riding boots and walking around shoes. Those and a pair of waterproof sandals were it as far as footwear went for the 16 days we were there.

    We did the 1st class sleeper from Chiand Mai down to Bangkok, mostly in the dark. Would love to do it the other way around in the daytime. I even braved the cold water shower in the wet toilet. Awkward, but worthwhile as we got on board after a full days riding.

    About the weather, We did November....dry. You will get wet in October. The historical average for October is 5.2" or some 23mm's. They had 80mm we were told last October. But the upside is that it will be hot, so you won't be cold in it. Enjoy.
  7. I've been thinking similarly when it comes to footwear, so I'll probably do the same - just got to find some hiking boots that don't have silly metal bits where the gear lever contacts :lol: .

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