For Sale: 2012 KTM Duke 200 (No ABS) model

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  1. I am selling my 2012 model KTM Duke 200 (Non ABS), it was bought at KTM Chiang Mai in mid January 2013.

    Have no doubt, she is the sexiest thing since Jessica Rabbit, and in the time I have had her, I have chucked more shapes than an etch-a-sketch on her.

    She draws envious looks everywhere, even in the company of bigger titted bikes.

    She flies like a F-16 fighter jet and sounds a Thai girl climaxing whilst riding a NASA space rocket, she takes corners like an Indian does shops and can make any woman drop her pants with a simple twist of the throttle.

    You are not just buying a mere bike here, you are buying a better life. She will guarantee to get you fitter women by the boat load, and you mates will now think, you are godly, to the point were they will offer their Mia Noi's to you to mount vigorously at your leisure for the chance of a test ride.

    She has the experience of 10.XXX km's. Factory recommended run-in (Soft). But oh, does she like a good spanking in the high RPM's.

    She has got loads of KTM Powerparts ekstras, like new grips (Stock grips are shit!), handguards, tank protector, front and rear crash bobbings and R&G Racing frame crash guards.
    She has Dunlop Alpha 12 tyres, which provide better grip than the stock MRF-Z tyres it came with. Rear tyre has approximately 4000 km's on it, front tyre maybe 1000 km's.

    She also comes with an R&G Tailtidy, but I choose to keep the stock tail on at the moment. Rainy season coming up and a dirty wet back doesn't look cool, when I enter Foxy Lady.
    A couple of GoPro mounts are on her, because she likes being filmed while she does her thing.

    Every ride is better than the last, as you are safe in the knowledge that you have your balls rested nicely against the back end, of a fit girl, it's like a free short time every time you mount her.

    If you want a real shot in life, then you need to buy this and don't let your Missus tell you any different. This is a lot more fun than a house in "the baan", a new kitchen or any other bullshit that your women think will improve your life and empty your pocket, the garage is your palace and the road your empire, go and rule that shit, cup cake.

    The only reason I am selling her, is because I have a new mistress (Miss Ducati Hypermotard) now and only have time for riding her, mounting bare bitches and power wanking in my man cave.

    Make your parents proud of you and get your money out, it's a once in a life time offer.

    In all seriousness, she is a great city bike and will easily handle 500 km days as well.
    Room for a pillion so all the girls in Loi Kroh road can come home with you, one at a time though.
    Great fuel economy as well. She gets around 30-35 km per liter when you hoon her.
    She can run well on 95 Gasohol, but I only use 95 Benzine in her.

    Only slight bad thing is a couple of scratches on the left low "mud scraper" panel incurred by hitting a curb while trying to avoid a car.
    This also had KTM change out the gear pedal and some internals in the gear box.

    She has her legal green book registered in Chiang Mai.
    KTM did all insurance and paperwork for me.
    All service has been done at KTM as well.
    All receipts kept for seller to see.

    Original price January 2013 was 230.000 Baht
    New price at KTM now: 249.000 Baht (ABS version)

    Selling for 189.995 Baht OBO.
    Yes, Im open for offers, so dont be shy, you won't regret buying this bike.

    Contact me at 0857817002

    - Keld







  2. The best sales pitch I have ever read! Best of luck in finding her a happy home.
  3. Sold pending funds

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