For Sale: Canon Powershot SX50 camera

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    Canon Powershot SX50 camera - for sale

    Canon-SX-50-HS-01. Canon-SX-50-HS-04.

    for sale & as used for hundreds of photos on this site

    The review:

    The PowerShot SX50 HS has a whopping 50X, 24 - 1200 mm lens.



    this is the camera that I use for daylight scenery shots & especially for long distance road photos.



    It's also great for parade & people from a distance


    Reason for selling Ive bought the new model the The Canon PowerShot SX60 HS,2817,2470532,00.asp

    The camera has just been cleaned & serviced by Canon in Bangkok.

    Selling price 7,000 baht or best sensible offer.
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    Sold. TQ.

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