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  1. Bike - Yamaha Serow 225cc Dualsport - Electric start model
    Year - ? - late 90's or early 2000's
    Location - Joe's Bike Team, Chiang Mai
    Registration - Import papers, but no plate
    Milage - 8000km
    Extras - K&N air filter, custom stainless steel luggage rack
    History - Imported into Thailand in 2004 (with 4700 km on it), and completely overhauled at Joe's Bike Team in Chiang Mai.
    Insurance - paid up until April 2006
    Price - 55,000 baht
    Contact info - BobS, 06 1185993, [email [email protected]][email protected][/email] or Joe's Bike Team, 053 251186, [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]
    Comments - Great bike for the shorter rider.
  2. G'day mate,
    Who do want to sell the toy to? Its really a farm bike you know any serious riders in OZ would use it for a farm bike chasing chooks around CHickens to yanks) or maybe get their 10 year old to learn on it.
    Maybe you could advertise it in some local thai mag. They are short. Hope you can right Thai!
  3. Hi Tom - where are you these days?

    Serow is a great little bike. But I replaced it with a Suzuki DR250 with a plate.

    Small as it is, it is still taller than a step-thru. Eliminates most Thais as buyers.


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  4. Tom
    It should be a piece of cake to sell as it's a "dual-sport" 225cc machine.
    Would you like me to ship it down under for you to run around on that pretty beach property of yours?

    Keep The Power On
  5. Hello, my name's Jessie, I've just moved to Chiang Mai for a year and would like a bike I can take up into the mountains. I'm short!! When I was living in Hanoi I had a lady's Minsk that was custom made to be a bit smaller and the clutch made easier to pull in. Any suggestions? My Thai mobile is 0476 377 84 for anyone else based in Chiange Mai.

    Cheers, Jess
  6. Jess
    The Serow should be perfect for you.
    Check it, the bike out, at Tom & Jerry's (Joes) on Chang Moi Soi 2.

    Keep The Power On


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