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  1. Hi guys,

    I have a 1995 Honda NX650 Dominator to offer! The bike will be for sale end of October 2011, because we have to finish our trip thru South East Asia first. It will be sold as unregistered at the end of the trip, because it got Australian registration. We will be in the Bangkok are end of October when we finished our trip. Also before I shipped the bike over here I have done the following work to it!

    - brand new wheel bearing rear and front
    - new battery from Honda dealer
    - new barkbusters
    - new brake pads rear and front
    - new pannier rack from Hepco & Becker (Germany)
    - home made aluminium panniers with lock
    - seat is been done with new foam and new cover
    - rear shock absorber is reconditioned
    - new sprockets plus new RK chain
    - new air filter + spark plug
    - new grips on handle bars
    - new speedometer cable
    - new rear Pirelli tire fitted in Chiang Mai 24/08/2011

    also the engine got reconditioned when I bought the bike at a dealership in Australia 1.5 years ago when the bike had 44.000 km. I never had any problems and always changed the oil every 2500 km. I am a mechanic by trade and you also can see the new gaskets between the block
    on the pictures. You can contact me any time until the 30st of August and after that only e-mail because we going into Laos and then south to Cambordia before we get into Thailand again to sell the bike in Bangkok! My mobile number is 0857837836


    Attached files 271246=5076-DSCN4060. 271246=5078-DSCN4062. 271246=5077-DSCN4063. 271246=5079-DSCN4064.
  2. How much do you sell the bike for ?
  3. I sell the bike for 1800 US
  4. Hi Mario

    are you interested in selling pannier luck and cases separately?
  5. Hello
    My name is Joe, I'm interested in your Honda Dominator (Your still for sale)
    I'm live in Chiang Mai. When you come to Thailand.
    contact My E-mail : [email protected]
    My cell phone's number is 089-989-7836

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