for the photo+ video-biker / small shock and waterproof camcorder

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  1. without looking at possible quality differences, for me the flexible LCDisplay would be decisive.
    For me the most liberating tool is the swivel screen. None of these shots taken in South Africa would have been --that easily-- possible.

    All shots taken with a about 10 year old Canon G4 or G6 about 35-90 mm equivalent. The lions must have been very close, given this shot was taken at 90mm.
    Leaning slowly out of the jeep holding the camera as close to the ground as possible the swivel allowed this composition. Note
  2. The swivel screen has a distinct advantage for sure. Fully agree to that.

    Abt the Kodak, was amazed by the quality of this video taken on a Kawasaki ZRX1200R with a Gecko mount.

  3. Yes, quality ok. I wonder in general how to shoot an interesting biker video with a camera fixed into one direction.
    Fixing it looking backwards is not only more boring than the frontal tarmac inspection view. Backwards is too irritating to the brain.

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