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  1. A very popular motorcycle performance accessory in the 'States for the past 25 years or so has been the lower fork brace which stabilizes the forks in extreme stress situations and prevents a terminal wobble of the front wheel. You can see several examples if you Google "fork brace" (without the quotes). Here is one you can go directly to: I'd like to know if something like this is available in Chiang Mai or if someone knows of a shop that can fabricate one for me. The price for one in the 'States is around the equivalent of 5,000 baht. I suspect someone could fabricate one here for far less. Anyone out there that can save me some time in tracking one down? Thanks in advance for any help you can give. Michael
  2. What are you riding? Fork braces for the Honda Super Four are readily available in Chiang Mai.
  3. Hi Wimpy,
    Thanks for your response. What I'm trying to do is add some extra stability to the relatively small front end of my 175 Platinum dirt bike. I'll most likely have to get a fork brace fabricated for this application but finding one for any bike in Chiang Mai to use as a model would get me closer to that objective. To briefly go into "smart-ass" mode, the last time I checked, Chiang Mai is a petty big place. Could you be more specific as to where, exactly, a "readily available" fork brace could be found? Your help would be greatly appreciated. :)
  4. I have seen them for sale at Burning Shop. They have a new location on Tung Hotel road near the railway station. He has rather unpredictable hours. I think I have seen them at Piston Shop as well. As I recall, they are about 1500 baht.
  5. Roaddhist
    Try this list of shops
    Chiang Mai: Handy Mc Related Shops
    under ... -t633.html
  6. Thanks Wimpy and David. I'll start with Burning and Piston Shop as recommended, Wimpy, on the next trip to CM. I've been to a few of the shops on your list, David, but not with this fork brace objective, so it looks like a few days of revisiting the ones I've been to and tracking down others-a good project to do in Chiang Mai during the cool part of the year. Thanks again, guys. Michael

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