Fork tube/slider rechroming. Where?

Discussion in 'Technical' started by thaicbr, Jan 26, 2010.

  1. Hi guys do any of you know a place that i can get the fork tubes rechromed. I remember at last years KK bike show a company had a stand i think they where from CM but i can't find the flyer.
    I need a company that knows how to hard chrome not just pretty chrome :D
    Thanks Allan
  2. Sorry can't help you but I have been looking for the same. Would be interested if you find anything.
  3. Im also looking for Company what will chrome plastic,,any ideas??
  4. Ooops ... sorry Marco, try ... _id=30-017

    A senior moment :)
  5. Thanks Eddie. I finally got the fork tubes rechromed at Easyfix. A job well done by the looks of it. I havent fitted them yet so time will tell. They charged 1400b per leg + vat so not to bad.
    Eddie, Jiraphun actually remebered you from the show. Marco they don't do plastic, I asked.
    Thanks Again
  6. No problem .... have fun in the sun :) .

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