Free motorcycle manuals...check it out ....

Discussion in 'Technical' started by rich1968, Jun 18, 2008.

  1. Lots of good Motorcycle manuals on free downloads.... :D go check it out and remember me lol(trying to make a living in Pattaya)...I got the full haynes manual for the suzuki gsf 1200.
  2. Richard, looked up and nothing useful came up, any typing mistake ???? Cheers, Franz

    corrected too......
  3. Sorry Franz have now corrected the address... :?
  4. thanks thats useful
  5. Manuals list is incredible!

    What a work!

    Useful to everyone... almost :wink:
  6. I thought that would make a few of you smile, what a list.. :D Although I keep trying to download the Bandit 400 manual but never seem to get it, but others download fine.
  7. Richard, many thanks !!! Very useful for all !!!! Cheers, Franz
  8. It would be great if anyone has anymore manuals not listed there would up load them to the site.... it's a great source for everyone. :D :idea:
  9. Since none of the sites mentioned has it I have uploaded the manual for the Suzuki DR650SE. You can get it here:

    This is the original Suzi manual, so it doesn't explain much. It's aimed at mechanics.

    The only KLX250 manual I have been able to find covers the US/Oz models, which don't have FI, so I'm not sure how relevant they are.

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