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  1. Lloyd's wedding to O. Late 80s - early 90s?

    O not so long later killed in a late night car crash in the moat by Thapae gate.
    Steve passed away in Australia.
    Stan Batt passed away.
    Steve Merchant still going in Doi Saket.
  2. A late 80s - early 90s photo of Paolo & Toom from the original Tip Top Swiss restaurant in Nan.


    the first? farang restaurant in Nan city.
  3. Early 90s - on the road with Larry Lek & mates.



    Larry passed away mid 2012.
  4. Eddie the monk. Ubon 1992.

    stayed in the monk hood for 15? years.
    Only "recently" came out. Still living in Thailand, farming down south I think.
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  5. David Lek, aka the Snail

    Route 1095. May1994.
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  6. Alex Brodard & Blazing Saddles Irish Cycle Tour

    300+ cyclists from Chiang Mai - Golden Triangle. April 1999.
    Thai Inter provided a jumbo to bring them out.
    A week of hell, drinking like a fish every night, as only the Irish can do. They got to work it off pedalling & I got to swelter - cooking / boiling away in my riding kit- riding shot gun & 40kph for the group.
    By the end of the week I was well & truly pickled!

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