From BKK to Umphang taking the short cut - is it possible?

Discussion in 'Touring Northern Thailand - Trip Reports Forum' started by Bert on the bike, Dec 24, 2007.

  1. Bert on the bike

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    Hi all

    On some of the maps of Thailand there is a small road shown from Ban Bang Khao Saan to Ban Mae Khlong Mai / Um Phang. Most likely this is some kind of dirt road.

    If this road exists it would be possible to go from BKK via Uthai Thani, Lat Yao, Wang San and Ban Bang Khao Saan through the jungle to Um Phang, without having to follow the long route via Tak.

    Question to you guys is if anybody of you ever followed that route and if it is doable foe a not too much experience off-roader?

    Looking forward to hear from you.

    Bertil Prins

    Two beers or not two beers, what was the question?
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  3. Bert on the bike

    Bert on the bike Ol'Timer

    Hi all

    Do not bother to answer to my mail above. I have just read the posting "Any tips for mae Sot loop..." from Gromily and the answer to my questions are mentioned there. It is not possible. Next time I will read the postings first before asking questions.

    However I do not give up that easily:
    Looking at the map (the same one which shows the non existing road between KP and Um Phang. It show a (dirt?) road from Ban Mae Klong Mai to Ban Mong Klua. From here with a boat over the Nam Chon Reservoir to Nam Chon. Visit the three pagoda pass and then back to Kanchnaburi and bkk.

    Did anybody ever try to take the boat over the Nam Chon Reservoir? Problem for me is that it takes too much time for an extended weekend tour to drive up to Tak with my 250 XR and then Umphang and have to come back to Tak. I am looking for a short cut from Umphang to BKK which will save me at least a day.

    With so many people going everywhere I hope to find somebody who found the shot cut.

  4. Auke

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    Yes, you can cross the Srinagarin Reservoir as there are ferries - a bit north of Sisawat to the western side with an asphalt road (Rd 6043) linking south and dirt roads to the NW to Ban Khliti (infamous for its lead mine and lead poisoning of the Karenni's) and several waterfalls and hill tribe villages. Don't go in the rainy season as you will be stuck in the mud. Give me a day or two to delve the tracks and particulars out of my files and I will post them here.

    Sorry, there is NO SHORT CUT from Bangkok to Umpang unless you want to walk - read the book "Three Pagodas - A journey down the Thai-Burmese border" by Christian Gooden. Anyway, as this area is a protected area, you will need a permit and these are very difficult to get according to my sources.

    You may make the road journey (via Tak and Mae Sot) a tiny bit (only a few km.) shorter by taking the 1110 at Wang Chao and then on the 1108 but as the Highway to Tak is faster it wont make any difference in time.
  5. Auke

    Auke Ol'Timer

    For starters have a look at the website from Graham Rogers who has been riding several times in that area: ... ebird.html ... inger.html

    Kutu's site (bicycle and kayaking guy) has also information on this area - see as well as other pages on his site.

    Still looking for GPS tracks but as it has been ages ago I was there, so I am not sure if I can find them.
  6. razin

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    Last year I had to turn back from Umphang to Mae Sot while trying to explore the road southward on my TOYOTA map, pleasant 160km ride anyway :)
  7. burnjr

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    good experience bro ride solo :D :D
  8. mikehohman

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    According to Google maps, there are roads from Highway 323 (the road from Bangkok up to the 3 Pagodas Pass via Khanchanaburi and Sangkhla Buri ) to Mae Lamung, where 1090 ends, and on to Umphang.

    Does anyone have any experience with this route, or know whether or not its possible?

  9. mikehohman

    mikehohman Ol'Timer

    Thanks!! I suspect its physically possible, but wonder about any government restrictions and "services" along the way...

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