from Boeng Mealea temple in SR to PREA khan temple in Preah Vihear province

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  1. Hi

    Any info regarding road condition between those two temples. Is it easy dirt road or extreme rally, like it was for the way from N 62 to Preah Khan temple 10 year ago.
    Now we are senior over 60, still in good shape, but we try to avoid extreme challenging road.

    Once reach Road 62 coming from P. Khan temple, how looks like road 213 going NE on Gecko map connecting with road 214 at Chep Cheas then continue to Stung Streng.

    Thanks for any up date, as road situation are changing so quickly.
  2. Hello:

    I was there about 13 months ago, on a CBR250 with my girlfriend on the back, saddlebags, etc. We left a little late from Siem Reap and went to Beng Mealea, road conditions were fine via the highway, there is another route from near Phnom Kulen. Beng Melea is fantastic, and takes some time to appreciate. From there we left a little late and continued toward Preah Khan. I remember a huge rubber plantation and processing center on the way, relatively new. The road was paved and OK condition, not a dirt track. It was getting late, then we came upon a dirt bike tour group coming from Preah Khan. They said the road was paved all the way, though very little traffic and feeling remote. They said there was a guesthouse out there too. As it was though, I was running in the Angkor Wat 1/2 marathon the next day, and the dirt bike group said it was around another hour from where we were to Preah Khan. Reluctantly we turned around and headed back. I haven't made it back there yet, though was in Siem Reap for the run again this past December. Anyway, if you leave early morning you should be able to leisurely see both temples and get back just before dark. Riding in the dark on Highway 6 is very dangerous, as everybody drives with their brights on, and there are potholes, etc. Beng Melea is about 70k from Siem Reap, and Preah Khan is about another 60k (?). The road is OK, undertravelled, but not a dirt track by any means. You can get from Beng Melea to the big traffic circle near Phnom Kulen instead of taking Highway 6 back to Siem Reap, look at some maps. I have not done this route, but that road should be OK too. Hope this is helpful , and enjoy the trip!
  3. Hi

    TKS so much for this valuable info.
    Road are changing so fast in Cambodia.
    In the early 2000 that section was very difficult with deep sand.
    PREA Khan temple was totally invaded by forest and access was limited because of mines +++.
    So we are ready to go later this month.

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