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  1. Hi all
    I'm planning on buying a bike in Indonesia and taking it through Malaysia and beyond (North). I think this is probably in the wrong forum, so feel free to move Mods, but does anybody have any info they can point me to on taking an Indonesian bike into Malaysia?
  2. It is quite complicated. I have seen couple of Indonesia registered Harleys in Thailand. According to them they had to apply for export/import licenses before being allowed moving bikes into Malaysia and vice versa. Very time consuming and expensive. My advice to you is to buy bike in Malaysia or Thailand (cheaper) and enjoy riding all over SE Asia.
  3. Hmm, interesting. Over at Horizons Unlimited there are plenty of people who have shipped bikes over with carnets, but they haven't mentioned import/export licenses. I am hoping to keep the same bike for my whole trip if possible, but it may be best to buy a cheap bike just for Indonesia and then buy another one in Malaysia for the rest of the journey?

    Any idea on where the official information might be, if it exists online?
  4. Best bet IMHO would be to start in Thailand I'd say.

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