from Thailand to Cambodia ?

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  1. Hi,

    can I go with my big Bike fom Thailand ( Phuket registration) to Cmbodia ?

    what for paper I mast have ?

    give at cambodia a insurance for the big Bike for 4 weeks ? how match is it ?

    how far is from Poi Pet (border) to Phom Phen km ? and how many hours to ride ?

    best regards for all answer ( german or english),
  2. Just your Green book .. nothing is required on the Cambo side.

    No one has insurance.

    Allow about 6-8 hours to do the ride from Poipet to PP .. go via Batambang.

    Enjoy yourself and remember they drive on the other side of the road...

    You really do need a left hand ride bike in Cambodia, you Thai bike is Right hand Ride...


  3. I have insurance on both my bikes in Cambodia. Why Because one day in Cambodia you will have an accident, and if you can just dial a number and say take care of it, it is worth every cent.. :D (I hope in the event of an accident)

    There are a lot of lexus,s here and to rear end one or to T bone one would cost a shit load more than the $40-$70 a year for insurance.

    Dont worry about killing someone that would only cost you about $5000.
    You think Im joking little kids run onto the road or end up on the road after falling off there family moto stacked with six people all the time.
  4. [quote quote=Otto]Hi,

    can I go with my big Bike fom Thailand ( Phuket registration) to Cmbodia ?

    what for paper I mast have ?

    Referring to the information from this forum(and other rider),i think you could enter cambodia with or without proper paper work.The only issue is how much $ the officer on duty, want from you.

    For the motorcycle insurance: ... ehicle.php
  5. Ok

    I stand abated!!

    I should have said "almost no one has insurence"; and should have added; ''except for the anally retentive!!!"

    Well done Shadow; thanks for picking that one up


    now I have a confession to make

    I must be anally retentive; coz I insured my bike my wife's moto and our car the other day

    The car cost 4% of the market value for full comprehensive insurance; (min $270 premium which is what I paid) including theft

    The bikes; a DR650 and a Honda Click Play girls bike both cost $70 for third part property and person; comprehensive or theft insurance was not on offer; but Shadow has it for a very reasonable price on his moto

    In reality insurance is not required to enter the country nor to have a bike in Cambo; but my friend Shadow was spot on in his post;

    It's bloody cheap peace of mind!!!


  6. Here is the replied from one of the insurance company in cambodia regarding motor insurance for a foreign registration vehicle.

    "First of all, we would like to say thank you so much for you interested in Forte service. But we regret to tell you that according to the government legislation, we are not able to insure the vehicle which register outside of Kingdom of Cambodia .

    However, hope we have another chance to cooperate with each other.

    Have a wonderful trip!"

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