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Discussion in 'Technical' started by tonykiwi, Mar 22, 2010.

  1. tonykiwi

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    The choices of fuel in Thailand are wide and there seems to be a fair bit of discussion on what fuel it best for which bike. To a visitor it is still a bit confusing.

    Is it possible to indicate in a post the following

    Recommended type of fuel for types of bikes (not specific models maybe but a generic recommendation.

    How to recognise it at the pump, not only in the larger station but the rural areas too.

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  3. johngooding

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    Tony, Anybody who makes these recommendations to you is likely to get shot down as there are strongly opposed opinions amongst our venerable members.
    I will be so bold as to say that if you are renting a bike of newer origin, such as the DTracker 250 or the ER6N or Ninja 650, that this will run economically and happily on 91 Gasohol E10, which is readily available and is almost always coloured green on the big Price boards at the station and on the pump labels. If you ask for gasohol gow nung, you will get it.
    If you are using an older carburettor bike, the Red labelled 91, benzine, called gow nung tamada benzine will probably be safer for the bike and will do the job at a higher price.
    Now I will sit back and see what those of other opinions recommend.
  4. tonykiwi

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    Thanks John

    I really did not intend on setting a debate otherwise it is going to get as confusing as all the other threads. I am more than happy to follow your guide here, I just wanted to know a rule of thumb that would work on hired bikes. Sure I want to treat them well but short term I just want something that will allow the bike to run and operate efficiently.

    The fear is that the wrong fuel will cause mechanical problems or reduce efficiency to such a point that it affect the safety and performance of the bike.

    What you wrote was perfect



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