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  1. I know this topic has been worked to death, and I've read most if not all of the posts on this topic. I wish it all added up to a clear picture, but it does not (I realize that it could just be me...).

    This question is directed to present or former owners of late-model 1150GS owners:

    In view of the (now experientially proven) difficulty of finding regular 95 outside of BKK, I believe I have three choices:

    1. I was told by the previous owner that the computer could be remapped to accomodate 91, at which point I would use only 91.

    2. On a 1200km run this weekend, I had to use regular 91 - the engine runs, but more roughly than with 95. I don't know what the longer-term implications of running 91 without computer remapping would be.

    3. Run 95 gasohol.

    Is there a clear preferred choice from among the above, or are there others of which I'm unaware?

    Apologies, and thanks for indulging this question from a new owner.

  2. Since nobody else seems to be ready to answer this question I will give a try.

    If you cannot find or even if you find the old 95 gasoline you must use Gasohol 95, the last fashion fuel for bikes. Since your bike probably needs 95, according to your experience and somebody's postings you should not use 91 octane fuel so there should be no need to re-map your chip.

    For some experiences read the BMW thread and the general Gasohol thread. In the first Marco tell about his experiences with his BMW and on some of the latest posts on the latter Rhodie tell about his experience with his BMW.

  3. Thank you very much, HIKO. I read with great interest your post yesterday on the issue of octane, which I had not previously understood (and may not still, but that's not because of your explanation!).

    Yours is a clear and direct recommendation. I will follow the links you've suggested, and when I got back to BKK I filled up with 95 gasohol because my usual station was out of regular 95. I've not had a chance to really run the bike on the open road with 95 gasohol, but my impression is that it is running better with this than it did with regular 91. When I was up-country there seemed to be no shortage of 95 gasohol, so looks like this will be the fuel of choice, and your straight answer is reassuring (though there seem to be plenty of countervailing views afoot!).

    I really appreciated your explanation of the different ways of representing the octane rating of fuel being sold. I was not able to correlate the 93 that I ran in the HDs in the US with what is available here, but your chart eliminated any confusion on that issue - much obliged for that.

    Tks and regards, I'll run 95 gasohol and report back in due course with any results, good or bad.



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