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  1. I like the look of both of David's suggestions here. Has anyone stayed in either/or and have any preference? I will be in CM on the 2nd and would like to get a bed locked down. Also, is there such a thing as G-House with a decent pool around Thapae? Or do you have to go resort/hotel for such a thing? A swim after a days ride would be welcome. Thanks in advance for any feedback.
  2. The Lai Thai guest house has a reasonable pool in its courtyard. Normal rates there are around 600 Baht a night. If you are coming out of Tapae road facing the Gate, turn left following the moat road past Loy Kroh road and its on your left just before the moat takes a right hand turn.

    btw they have a 10% discount card, if you say you have lost yours, you may get a new one and save on the roomrate.
  3. Thanks John,

    Can always count on solid advice from you. Much appreciated. If you're in town, liquid refreshment is on me. Maybe silly question, but I assume the Kafe has Beer Lao on tap?
  4. Thanks for that Feejer, next in town during our 13 day trip, hit Chiang Mai for bike week, 5th 6th Dec. Afraid have to leave the beer Laos question to some regulars, as not my tipple. Have a good trip.
  5. Yeah, I screwed up not staying long enough for bike week. Gotta leave by Nov. 23rd and back to work. But this time decided to get over there soon after the rainy season (green & clear I hope). Bike week next year.

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