Garmin's Thailand-specific navigation app launched

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    Article forwarded to me by FrankT
    Highlighted some interesting parts in bold below.

    The Nation
    June 21, 2012 1:00 am

    Garmin Corporation yesterday launched its Thailand-specific StreetPilot Onboard navigation application starting with Apple's iOS platform.

    "It is possible that StreetPilot Onboard will [also] be on the Android platform," said Jay Shen, business development director for the Asia-Pacific region.

    The company has joined with US-based map supplier Navteq to provide the navigation service for smart phones, he said.

    The market for portable navigation devices still has a lot of room, but demand is gradually dropping. The company believes it has to diversify to maintain its business by moving into the new area of providing navigation services on smart phones.

    Garmin's StreetPilot Onboard is already in North America, Europe and some markets in Asia including Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia.

    A couple of million people are already using the app in these markets.

    The standard price of the Thai version of StreetPilot Onboard is US$29.99 (Bt942), but it is now available for the special price of $19.99 by downloading it until July 8.

    "This price is a one-time purchase. Users will get updated versions of this app without paying anything extra.
    But this app is designed for each country, so if users go abroad, they have to download a different version of StreetPilot Onboard, such as the US version and the Europe version," Shen said.

    The app is usable offline, but it also lets users access some features online such as weather forecasts.

    The main features are voice prompting; turn-by-turn directions including street names and real-time traffic updates; three-dimensional building graphics to assist with situational awareness while navigating; lane assist featuring Garmin's photoReal junction views; integrated Facebook, foursquare and Wikipedia locations; and integrated Google Local Search.

    If you are interested.. Get in before July 8 to receive the discounted price..
    Will check this out for sure.

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    Brian, this is off subject but it isn't clear how I can contact you direct. I notice you live in the Ari area as do I. I have just started local weekend biking from there and my wife (pillion) and I are having a desperate time getting in and out of Bangkok. If you have any pearls of wisdom I'd be grateful; am looking at heading north before setting off in any particular direction because anywhere else seems paralysed and terrible on the way home (last 7km up Rama IX)'s ruining every trip. Bike is too large to negotiate cars. My details [email protected] Hope I hear from you JC

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