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  2. Mike,

    A few of us have the Garmin map for Thailand. Its not cheap and sadly you cannot copy it for friends. they will only download it into your GPS and you won't have a copy of it. Therefore the map is only viewable on your GPS unit. No mapping routes on your PC then downloading them to your GPS.

    Cost is 12,000 from ESRI. If you can break the code let us know as we'd like to get the thing on the computer.
  3. Yes and at the H.U. meeting a guy gave a really detailed presentation on the garmin range and its another 2,000 baht a year for the map updates so all in all works out quite expensive. Also I dont know if its been updated yet, but one problem with the bangkok directions is that it assumes you are driving a car and directs onto roads where motorbikes aren't allowed, so at present just going to stick to Map Magic for 300 baht
  4. that was a question i should have asked, is the map any good, ? ,. i once rode a bike to phuket and got badly lost in bkk, awful
  5. When I bought my first GS in bangkok, as I didnt know the way out, just rode to the Southern Bus terminal, and followed the first bus going south, that way dead easy to get out, and only 1 set of traffic lights for 100 kms.

    and if you have a GPS then, can just put in way points as you are travelling and you can save your track as well.

    BUT... I dont know if you are aware that bikes arent allowed to ride along the middle section of road, we have to stick to the side road/slip road. So here i am following the bus out of bangkok and i get pulled over by the traffic police waiting on side of road. i am polite and tell Mr Plod that "I not know the way out of bangkok and must follow bus to Surat Thani" So he wants to charge me 1,000 baht, and I think this is thailand might as well try and bargain and I managed to knock him down to 500 baht, which I thought was good.

    Then on speaking to guys living in bangkok, asking them what they do, and firdtly if stopped you only pay 200 baht, also they just sit on 120kph, ride in the outside lane, (normally 3 lanes), and pretent ou havent seen the copper, just look the other way, its very rare they will chase you as 1) they wouldnt be able to catch you, and 2), whilst chasing you they will mis catching other guys on bikes
  6. thats funny. yes i know what you mean, we have a saying in pattpata that if you are pulled over by the police its normally for going too slow,.the other thing i would recommend is a clear visor/goggles, as farang ( usually ouside ptt and bkk ) we can get away with murder . i was pulled over near ubon ,he couldnt speak a word of english, only "card " ,so i pulled out my visa,!,. he went, oh farang, .lil lil, and sent me off ! great, your following the bus idea is great,

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