Garmin Thailand Map And Garmin Express Questions

Apr 21, 2015
Bang Lamung
Here are some of the Garmin products that I own:
  • zūmo 660; Purchased from Touratech in Germany; Registered on
  • City Navigator Europe NT 2016.20 - Map+P+3D,Sept 15 (maps for life North America and Europe); Purchased from Touratech in Germany; Registered on
  • Thailand City Navigator (TCN); Purchased from GPS4YOU (( at IT Fortune Mall in Bangkok, Thailand; NOT registered on

I currently have the Thailand City Navigator on my zūmo 660. On the Map Info tab of the zūmo 660 it describes the map as “CN Thailand NT 2015.10 (Eng)" and it has been subsequently updated to CN Thailand NT 2016.20 and then CN Thailand NT 2016.40. The only way that I could update the map was to actually go to GPS4YOU and have them do it. I could not do it online. Do any of you have a similar experience?

I cannot seem to register the Thailand City Navigator map on as all of my other Garmin products are. I have no idea why. Has anyone been able to register this particular map?

Also, when I launch Garmin Express with my Zumo 660 plugged into my iMac, Garmin Express recognizes the Zumo 660 but states that there is an update for Full Coverage of Europe. It doesn't recognize the Thailand map. What do I do so that Garmin Express recognizes this map?

When I launch Garmin BaseCamp it does recognize the Thailand City Navigator.

I did some research online and I cannot find the aforementioned Thai map on any Garmin website. I have found City Navigator Southeast Asia NT (City Navigator® Southeast Asia NT | Garmin) . Does it have the same level of detail for Thailand as the Thailand City Navigator that I bought at GPS4YOU?

Here is are images of the packaging for the Thailand map that I have:


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Apr 8, 2015
I have these same problems. Garmin USA will not recognize anything you do not buy from them. My Zumo 660 is not even supported by Garmin anymore as it is considered obsolete due to its age. Makes no difference if it works still, they want you to buy a new model every few years. With customer service like this they have lost a customer. I have the Nightrider map in mine for Thailand. Works well. When my Zumo finally gives up the ghost, will use something else. Garmin can KMA with customer service like this.


Mar 18, 2013
Garmin is not happy with Thailand and it's rumoured attitude for copying. :):)
Try using a VPN connection on your computer.
(A browser VPN will not work as they works only for the browser you are using)