Garminator has the City Navigator Thailand NT v9 on sale

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  1. Garmin City Navigator Thailand NT v9 MicroSD/SD card 39 Euro

    link deleted

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    This is a cracked & therefore illegal version of ESRI Map Version 9.
    GT Rider has a problem with cracked GPS maps & copies of copyrighted maps.

  2. No way, it is sold by a Garmin Dealer, old version cheaper...
  3. Just for your information you can buy the new ESRI V 10 map from Garmin dealers here in Thailand for 2000 Baht.

    For as far as I know the guy in Bulgaria no longer advertises the version 9.
  4. Auke, you say 2000 baht for the map on a sim card ?

    the S on the end of Garmin dealers sugests, more than one.

    I know the dealer in Bangkok charged me 7000 baht for the locked sim card in my 60 csx
  5. Sorry, ESRI does not provide locked map on a Micro SD card but only on a CD in the form of gmapsupp.img.

    You will have to supply the ID of the GPS which ESRI uses to lock the map so that it can only be used in your GPS. This process may take a few days. The price was lowered recently to 2000 Baht but for that price you don't get free updates anymore for as far as I know.

    See for more info

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