gasohol 10 or 20?

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  1. i am a techn. dummy - someone told me - as the price is lower too - i can run my HONDA CRF 250 ccm enduro and also the HONDA WAVE 125 ccm also on gasohol E 20 - true or not?
    my dealer told me to run it on gasohol E10...! but the E20 is about 4 baht cheaper...!
    thanks for any advise!
  2. Some newer bikes and cars are OK with E20, not sure about yours, but if they are they should have an E20 sticker somewhere on the bike and also confirmed OK in the owners manual.
  3. E20 is risky unless the vehicle is specificly made to run on it and even then its can make the machine run very lean and also performance will be severly de graded use 91 gasohol instead
  4. There is a very good reason why the Dealer did not recommend E-20 so you should take the factory recommendation.
    4 b a liter is not cheaper in the long run and in any case 4 b in a bike that sips fuel = mice nuts per km in the scheme of things
  5. I bought a new Honda Wave CZi (FI) in 2008, it was one of the first bikes in Thailand that could run on E20.

    I had a 2010 CBR250R that I rode for about 1,700 kms (before some pricks stole it) and I filled up with E20 save one time when it was unavailable. No problems Using E20 in that bike. Incidently , the sticker on the tank said E10, gasohol 91. The owners manual said E10, E20, Gasohol 95 or pure benzene, take your pick :)

    Try using the fuels recommended in your owners manual then tell us your opinion :)
  6. Some good points Robert, but lets face it, neither the dealers or petrol station attendants have any real idea about the best fuel to put in newer vehicles. I am one of those sad guys who has put E10 or Gasohol 95 in every new bike he has owned, even the BMW S1000RR and have never been able to detect lean running or poor performance when compared with those times I have had to use pure benzene. Also have run the Mazda 2 saloon car on E20 since new and have had 55,000 km of trouble free economical running. Maybe you guys with exotic bikes have gasohol problems, but us run of the mill blokes manage fine with it. Seems this discussion is going to get an airing every year of so, so I make no apology for stirring it up again.
  7. Good Fifth Gear series about the merits of premium fuel compared wit the cheapest available- for the octane requirements of an engine. The best fuel Shell VPower delivered 2% more power compared with the least expensive. The price premium was 6%

    Make up your own minds :)

    Fuel comparison begins around 43:30

    Personally I'll use a cheaper fuel and spend the savings on beer :) And yeah, over the life of the vehicle 6% savings = real money :)

    * 6% savings calculated on UK prices, the price differentials on fuel is even higher here in Thailand...
  8. I think you can use E20 in the newer Honda bikes. I almost always use E20 in my CBR250 and it runs smoothly. The fuel injection system senses how much power it is getting from every drop of fuel, and adjusts how much fuel goes in, so the rider feels like the bike has the same amount of power whether he uses gasohol or 100 percent gasoline. From what I've read E20 is actually higher octane than E10 with a rating of 95. The tanks and other fuel systems in the new hondas are designed to not melt when coming in contact with ethanol, so you should be alright with E20.
  9. E20 cannot have a higher Octane rating than E10 unless other additives are in t it as Ethanol has lower calorific value than benzine ,,, it is cheaper but due to lower calorific values all gasohols will get less miles to the gallon or Kms to litere than Benzine so it all balaces out in the end .

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