Gasohol and 2 strokes

Discussion in 'Technical' started by Hoghead, Jan 23, 2008.

  1. Just pondering gasohol issues as I am about to go out to the shop and make my carb (Mukuni 45) Harley run on E-95

    What happens to 2 strokes when petrol is no longer available, and all we can buy is gasohol.
  2. They will die off slowly
  3. Thought as much, but one could always replace the tank with a LPG cylinder sort of like a TukTuk

    Guess I won't be buying that NSR after all.
  4. It's no bad thing that the 2 strokes slowly will dissapear, as also past-previous-future governments are/will making an effort to get rid of these stinkers. Compared to 12 years ago, there's not many left as of today; you can see the few remaining clearly by the smoke cloud trailing behind them......
  5. Long live 2 smokes :wink:

    I was out in the middle of nowhere in Rayong province on a CRM250 and was running on fumes when I found a garage that only had gasohol. I filled her up and she ran fine. Dunno about long term effects mind.
  6. OMDB. :lol:

    Crankcase seals are still lubricated by oil. 8)

    Just do the carb and.......

    Surgeon General: It's OK to smoke the opposition with 2-stroke power.
  7. Gasohol will probably slowly damage the cranckcase seals in a 2 stroke.
  8. PROBABLY? Sorry don't buy it. When it quits I'll let you know. Until then.....

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