Gecko map of Laos

Nov 23, 2005

For info

I have bought in PPenh a brand new map from Gecko company.
This Lao map seems very good and has an attractive presentation.
It supposes to be GPS compatible.
Of course only those on the trail in Laos will be able if it is accurate.
It cost 10 US$ here.

Here the GT-Rider map is not available

Cheers all


Mar 5, 2006
The Gecko map is a very useful addition to Laos cartography, but for trip planning purposes only.

It's relief printing makes the topography difficult to discern - it is hard to make out where a reentrant begins and a valley ends.
Along with the incredibly small typeface making village names hard to make out.

With the use of a magnifying glass, it would be good for night-before route planning.
It now really requires a Muppet off-road test to check its accuracy, or, one of Matt Ward's epic trips.

But it is a brave and commendable first effort by Gecko.
I am sure the Laos govt are wondering how they acquired such detailed information.

I look forward to the 2nd edition;
where, hopefully, clarity is no longer obscured by detail and dense colour.

But for those just riding on the Laos roads, the GT-Rider map still rules.