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Discussion in 'Cambodia - General Discussion Forum' started by partyon, Jan 15, 2007.

  1. partyon

    partyon Member

    where can i buy this map in PP?? thanks.
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  3. 2Up Chiang Khong

    2Up Chiang Khong Ol'Timer

    Have a cold beer or two (cheapest beers in PP)while sitting at California2 and most of the street book sellers that walk past will have this map for sale - all though they only have copies. But they are fine and much cheaper then the originals.

    Also say hi to Jim the owner - Great guy and fun to chat about bikes with, where to go, road conditions, etc. Also, many of the local riders will be found here having a drink in the late afternoon and evening.

    David and Mai
    Chiang Khong
  4. partyon

    partyon Member

    will do david, thanks.

    peace, jonathan
  5. harrythefinn

    harrythefinn Ol'Timer

    Buy the real one at Monument Books.
  6. dancingroads

    dancingroads Active Member

    Went into Monument Books a few days ago; they seem to have had a rush on gecko maps and are sold out! They weren't sure when the next batch will be in but keep your eyes out...
  7. Hovis

    Hovis Active Member

    Agree strongly with Harri and buy the real one and support the guys who try to help us getting around the country,it,s only 10 bucks and if sold out at Monument you find them in the Caltex mart stations
  8. dancingroads

    dancingroads Active Member

    The gecko maps are back in Monument books as of yesterday (picked one up for you Pauche)
  9. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Agreed, buy the original & support those who spent the time surveying to provide you with the map in the first place.
    Without "them" many of you might have never ridden or found the roads / tracks you needed to know about.
    Why be a cheap charlie to save a couple of beers over the real thing and then make life / business less rewarding for those putting in the miles to get you the right season they might not be around as the copy guys are the ones making all the easy money; you've saved yourself a couple of beers but the original map makers have gone out of business & few others will make the effort to survey & produce the accurate map that you need. Support those those who support you with good maps & info.
  10. JimCA2

    JimCA2 Ol'Timer

    clear tape on my original has made it last over seven years. thats pretty damn cheap in the big scheme of things.
  11. ganman

    ganman New Member

    Just bought the Gecko Cambodia Map from Monument Books for US$10. Lots in stock.

    In PP, you can get it from No 111, Norodom Boulevard.

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