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  1. All,

    I have been watching and posted on this site with a view to do a ride towards the end of 06 so I am not a total ring in. The question I am to ask now though is about the attractiveness of CM as a general tourist destination.

    Some time ago I made a commitment to my mother to take her on a holiday to Th when her role nursing my father through his battle with cancer was over. Dad has now started his big Four Wheel Drive adventure in the sky, and I am trying to organise a suitable trip for my mum, brother and myself.

    It seems that CM is on everybody's Thailand itinerary, however having been to Pattaya last month and found it to have not many redeeming qualities for someone not seeking the company of a Lady, (with or without the boy suffix), I want to know if CM is a bit overrated for people not planning a bike ride.

    My friend who worked in Th for 2 years spent 1 week in 3 in CM, and said he didn't really like the place. He did admit that being sent their for 1 week in 3, when he would probably rather been On The Job in BKK may have influenced his opinion...

    I have found that locals or frequent visitors are the ones with the best knowledge, so I have posted my question here rather than on one of the other travel sites.

    Getting back to the question. What is there in CM that would interest a 60yo woman, who hasn't really traveled in Asia. Where can I find good reasonable priced accommodation, what should and shouldn't be on our list of things to do???

    Hopefully I will get her on the back of a Honda Wave for at least a few days and get some way out of town. I did this in Phuket and it changed my opinion from hating the place (Patong) to loving the place (everywhere outside Patong)... didn't really help with Pattaya though : ) ...

    Any info appreciated, I think my mum deserves a good holiday.

  2. Gday daewoo,

    Theres great shopping, fantastic food, a multitude of places to visit both touristic and not so ... and the accomodation prices are probably less than what you'd pay in Pattaya for a similar standard.

    Heres some ideas to start you off ...

    The downside of Chiang Mai imho is the traffic and pollution levels...especially when farmers are burning off, it can get very hazy.

    However drive 25 klms in virtually any direction and your in another world. Took my new Honda Dream for its first country run yesterday a short punt up the road to Samoeng ... just magic. You dont need a big bike to enjoy touring here, when the weather, road and scenery meet in harmony you will understand why this region is one of the best destinations in the world.

    Just watch out for the bloody potholes.

  3. We seem to be in the same club, my mum arrives in Thailand in a couple of weeks. We are having a week in Bangkok then two in Samui; this was all arranged ages ago, before we had any experience of Thailand ourselves. We've since based ourselves in Chiang Mai to do the usual bike thing. We tend to stay less than a week before hitting the road again. It's always good to get away but we tend to look forward to getting back, too.

    Would I bring my mum to Chiang Mai, given the chance? Yes, I think I would. The night market is overrated but the walking market is great. The food and general shopping is good and so is the accommodation. You'll probably get better advice about accommodation if you disclosed your budget. Helen and I are having a Xmas treat at the moment and staying in the brand new 'Mini Cost.' Naff name but for 750B for a double we get a big room, comfy bed, AC, big TV with cable and hot water all day. Floors are marble and decor nice. It's in Soi 1, just inside the walls, by Thapei gate. We usually pay about 450B elsewhere and get comfy and clean but not much more.

    There's very good massage at 'Just Relax' by the night market but it's expensive. Other massage places tend to be a bit rubbish in our experience.

    Hope this helps,

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  4. As far as lodging, remember that rates will be much lower if you book by the month. There are lots of nice places, where the room, utilities, and laundry will be in the range of 8000 baht per month. The daily rate at these places will be in the 750 baht range.


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  5. TDuk, Dave & Bob.

    Thanks for taking the time to reply, even though this is a bit off topic for this board.

    I didn't realise that Acc was that cheap in CM. I haven't really found anywhere good for under THB1000 in BKK in all the times I have been there. Anything under 1000 would be good for us I think. I will be booking all in-country travel through an agent in BKK, as the ones in Aus only know of the more expensive places.

    Unfortunately there is no way we will be in CM for a month. I only returned to Aus, to my wife and baby son, from a month in Thailand a few weeks ago. I think the itinery will be a few days in BKK, a week in CM, a week on one of the Islands (Phuket, Samui or Koh Tao) and then home. Bugdet and the good grace of my wife can only be pushed so far.

    The Thai Visa site which TDuk posted has a lot of good info.

    Is there any particular area of CM that is close to the action, but still respectable for my mum? I like to hit the beer/pool bars pretty hard at night, (always leave the bars alone though) but don't want to stay with my mum on the CM equivalent of Soi Nana.

    Once again, thanks for taking the time to help.

  6. Check out this map of Chiang Mai. ... m_map.html

    Slightly out of date, but it shows the entertainment areas. However, they are limited, and in no way resemble Soi Nana. Any hotel near Thaepae Gate or the Night Bazaar would be fine, and still close enough for you to grab a beer.

    For reference, the large square on the map is the old city, surrounded by a moat. It is roughly 1 mile across.

    Have fun.


    "The true secret of giving advice is, after you have honestly given it, to be perfectly indifferent whether it is taken or not and never persist in trying to set people right."
  7. Here's a secret link to our secret guide (unfinished and probably abandoned) to the places we have stayed in Thailand. You may find the accommodation prices useful. Don't tell anyone.

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