Giant Loop Coyote Saddle Bag

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  1. G'day All,

    New addition to the Off-road kit..

    Giant Loop Coyote Saddle Bag.

    Can't wait to use this bag.. The other bag was good..
    But both pockets torn off last Missing link ride :)

    Will get it fixed up as a spare for when someone visits.

    Moto Rex kindly bought this up from Australia for me.
    With Exchange rate differences.. It was only 20 USD dearer than the USA..
    Plus no postage and rip off customs fees...

    Last one in stock.. Expect with the AUD dropping against the USD.. These will be more expensive when they get more stock in.

    All the Specs etc here
    Coyote Saddlebag - Giant Loop





    Cheers and Beers

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  2. Hi Brian,
    I looked at those GL bags and they seem good, popular and good quality, but not cheap to buy on ebay and import in.
    I also looked at this option; Motonaut It looks very versatile, as you use your own dry bags.

    dry bag carrier.
    This looked good... cost 79 GBP plus post. But that is just the webbing and few metal rings....... you have to buy your own dry bags.......
    So, thought I would experiment with a home made option. I bought some flat rope from a local hardware shop for a few hundred Baht. Using various knots I rigged a harness on the bike.
    2016-06-03 07.06.33.
    2016-06-03 07.06.42.
    2016-06-03 12.29.43.

    Having just done an offroad trip I found that it does work. I can ride comfortable and still move back and forth on the seat when needed. Can also stand up and put feet down when stopped without the bags being in the way. But there is the possibility of the bottom of a side bag coming out of the harness on a very rough road. This didn't happed but next time, maybe try to put a second loop of rope around the bottom of the dry bag at the plastic buckle, to hold it tighter to the bike.

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  3. Oh, a friend brought a SeatConcepts seat cover and closed cell foam from the States, which I then got put on the original plastic seat pan locally. It's the additional width that really makes the difference. Now the bike is actually comfortable for a most of a day. Seat Concepts - Seat Concepts
  4. You are quite the handy man.
    Unlike me :-D
    I have heard great things about these bags. Pretty much destroyed the last bag.. But it did do some hard yards in the bush and Lao last year.
    Ripped off both pockets on the sangkhlaburi ride. Some what brutal when the jungle has claimed back most of the track.
    I have a few more pics I will put up.

  5. DSC_2123-1280x720.JPG DSC_2122-1280x720.JPG DSC_2124-1280x720.JPG DSC_2126-1280x720.JPG
  6. Its very well made that's for sure.
  7. A Thai friend just picked up one of these from touratech thailand.

    15500 baht.. if you don't have someone visiting or pick it up yourself.. Not to bad as will cost similar with freight and customs

  8. Thanks Brian. Lots of interesting stuff on that website, but I didn't see loopover bags..... just wondering what capacity they are. I would like to stick with my home made dry bag set-up for now I think, as it does work quite well. Not convenient to open a side bag easily though. That set-up cost about 2000 Baht for 2 drybags and some flat rope.
  9. Wow that Seat Concepts site is impressive.
  10. Good quality kit for sure.
    But I would think in Chiang Mai you can get quality seat recovering with custom shape foam. I think the main thing really is the increased width that improves the comfort. Makes a great all rounder bike even more usable. Add an Ohlins shock and you'd really be smiling..... maybe that's next....
  11. Have the Ohlins.. Front and back.. (Winner winner chicken dinner..)

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