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  1. G'day All,

    Recently asked if I would like to trial the Ohlins shocks on the mighty KLX.
    Of course i jumped at the offer.

    My mate Phil is trialling the Ohlins on the CRF and completing reports etc.

    My role will be more for the big rides we do in Thailand with a bag etc on the back and reporting back.

    Thursday last week the kind man from Ohlins delivered my KLX to Xtreme Enduro.
    Just in time for the filing with Capital TV at Xtreme Enduro on Friday. (Video to be out in the coming weeks)




    Initial impressions... Excellent.

    Really a different bike..

    More to come...
  2. We were filming with Destination Thailand TV on Friday.

    Les liked this spot so we turn back and recorded with the cameramen in place.
    Pineapple plantation and hills as the back drop.

    The first time we rode it.. I went around the hole.
    This time I thought.. Why not test the new Ohlins suspension and go straight over.

    Fantastic.. If I had the stock suspension.. It would have been really felt.

    There was also a funny by product of this.. Les followed my line exactly.
    Hit the hole came out and ended 20 rows back in the pineapple plantation.

    One of the funniest things I have seen in a long time.
    A good laugh had by all.

  3. I am Waiting for the Details from Phil at Extreme Enduro as I will get a Set for MY CRF. Should be Great!
  4. I removed the Airbox Snorkle. Got a Performance Kit from CRF's Only: http://www.crfsonly.com/catalog/product_info.php/cPath/290_306/products_id/4881 I didn't use the Front Sprocket as I prefer standard Gearing not Lower!, Alloy Bars and ACERBIS Hand Guards, Bigger Front Brake and Braided Brake Lines. IMS 3.1 Gallon Tank http://www.crfsonly.com/catalog/product_info.php/cPath/290_296/products_id/5022 That's about all I can remember at this stage? Ha Ha!
  5. Just crossed at chong mek today. Took the first right on dirt skirting the Thai Lao border.

    Rode this in November with Justin and Jim.

    What a difference with the Ohlins.

    Last time was really hard on the rider.
    This time easy. Track conditions the same as last November when on stock klx

  6. Well done Brian, this looks like a win win situation.
  7. More fantastic riding today around Attapue and near the Vietnamese border.

    The Ohlins are a winner.. Never had so much fun on the KLX..

    Now just need to stick a 450 cc engine in there....

  8. I don't think there's any other KLX that gets the punishment that yours does Brian.

    Your rides will certainly put the Ohlins to the test. Look forward to seeing what you think of it, after a few trips.

  9. G'day Rexy,

    Went for a ride south out of Attapue today...

    It is dusty out there... As you know, not always easy when riding through the bull dust.
    The dirt road looks flatter than it really is..

    No drama's and no feeling like the handle bars were going to push back through my shoulders.
    When the unexpected and unseen came along hidden under the bull dust. .

    Today's route south out of Attapue towards the Hydro dam and Cambodian border.


  10. Couple of days a go heading out of Attapue towards to Vietnam border.

    Hit some Desert Sand !! with 15 kg luggage and tools on the back.

  11. Brian,

    Any feedback from your mate Phil on the Ohlins for the CRF? I am interested in having both the rear shock and front fork springs fitted. The price seems very reasonable, although I'd like to hear real-world feedback first.

    Also saw the factory is in Chonburi, not so far from BKK, how did you get yours installed? Ride down there with an appointment?

    As always, any advice gratefully received.

  12. G'day Craig,

    Phil loves it.. won't ride the stock any more.

    As you are in Bangkok.. May be easier for you to get the suspension done at Dirtshop.
    Dirt shop are a reseller.

  13. Hi Brian,
    Thanks for the info. Generally I find the stock rear shock OK on the KLX, but when loaded and riding some of those rough roads in Laos, made of rocks, its gets uncomfortable on long days in the saddle. So, I may like to fit a rear Ohlins shock at least.
  14. Hi Ian,

    Made a big difference to my ride.. Much more pleasurable.
    Just get use to the weight and ride like you would normally.

    James Franey and I were riding together.. Never struggled over or through any thing.

  15. Rode my stock KLX the other weekend at Xtreme as the KLX with the Ohlins was at Rama 9 getting serviced

    Yesterday rode the KLX with Ohlins at Xtreme.. What a difference on the same tracks.

    Making it up steep sandy hills and rocks much easier than the week before with the stock.

    Just purchased a second hand KTM.. So will be selling the stock suspension KLX with 300 kit.
    Still a good bike.. but after the Ohlins. hard to go back..

    Keeping the Ohlins KLX for touring and Lao trips.

  16. I had an Öhlins rear shock and front fork spring installed on my CRF today at the Dirtshop.


    Going back to England for a few weeks this weekend so won't get a chance to test the new suspension until later next month.
  17. Congrats... You will notice a big difference.

    Moto Rex joined me in Pattaya at Xtreme Endruo this last weekend.
    He took my KLX with Ohlins for a spin while I took the KTM.

    He was impressed. Will leave him to post his full feedback.

  18. G'day All,

    Quick update on the Ohlins.

    The kind people at Ohlins Asia asked for the mighty KLX to perform a quick check up and see how the Ohlins performed during the last 5,000 km

    Approx 4,500 km of that was touring in Laos. The rest riding out the back of Pattaya with Xtreme Pattaya Enduro.

    Two ride reports here for Laos with the Ohlins.

    Exploring Southern Laos

    A Southern Laos Odyssey

    The Ohlins passed inspection with flying colours today.

    Anyone looking for a decent off-road touring bike with out the crazy prices of the imported models.
    KLX with Big Bore kit, IMS large tank and most importantly Ohlins.

    A few small mods at a reasonable price that make a big difference to your ride enjoyment.

    Had the bike loaded up with gear and took some air a couple of times on the trip.
    Handled perfectly.

    The over all handling is much better.

    A little example going through a river.


  19. Good to now you've got the mighty KLX well & truly sorted.

    It's amazing how good suspension can change a bike & make it into a real machine that can handle anything.

    Ohlins have been in the game a long time & have s solid reputation as the best, but they still deserve kudos for providing something for the KLX 250.

    Well done all round.

    Where to get an Ohlins locally.

  20. I have the Öhlins front and rear on my CRF and agree they improve the ride immensely. I have also found that I am less fatigued when riding long stretches of Tarmac.

  21. Got the rear Ohlins shock for my KLX... Take the corners and bumps so much faster now, with great confidence. Thinking about the fronts now...
  22. [quote quote=255032]Got the rear Ohlins shock for my KLX… Take the corners and bumps so much faster now, with great confidence. Thinking about the fronts now… 20150718_155428. [/quote]

    Congratulations Mike. Good move.

    Congratulations Craig Bkk

    You guys should all get together one day with Brian for an Ohlins trio ride 'n chat 'n comparison.
  23. For most of us over sized farang.. 80 kg and up. We are getting close to maxing put the spring for the klx.

    Plus gear and when going touring with bag and tools and camping gear you can add another 15 kg.

    So in my case.. the klx is probably sitting around 105 plus kg when all added up.

    Ohlins offer a larger spring for the klx shock. ( didn't ask about crf, but will )

    I can't remember the exact price. 3,300 baht apprix imported from Sweden.

    Once I have it and installed will add more details for those fatties that are interested

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