Mar 30, 2010

3 mates, 3 KLX, 3 ohlins suspension in Lao.
The three of us very happy with the ohlins performance on those tracks and trails

Pic credit . Mike


Mar 7, 2017
Brian, Exellent review to the Readers!!!! Woot Woot!

We especially appreciate you taking the time to Explain (In not so many words) SPRINGS and the Importance of Spring Rates!!!!!

It truly sadens us, here at the shop, when a rider purchases a new suspension system (Somewhere from the world) or even just suspension components and did not take the time to calculate his or her correct spring rate. Then they find that they Cannot "Dial in" their suspensions for intitial or final tune........ The result is an uncooperative machine or many riders succum, unwillingly, to become Masochists.

Spring Rates are Listed in the Service Manual for every manufacturered Bike worthy of riding..... All after market companies will List in KG/MM or N/MM The Spring Rate, on the spring itself. In certain cases they will stamp or ink a code that can be used to determine spring rate. For most of us with the dirt bike "Sickness" (as I have named my eagerness to participate in this sport) it is a mandatory spring change from Stock Springs to Spring Up, or increase our "Spring Rates". This becomes very pronounced when we gain weight or accessories to our bodies or our machines.

It's uncanny how many riders have believed the inernet banter or "Fake News" about Shot Gunning Parts at your motorcycle and eventually, something is bound to work!? Right??? Regardless of Brand, Resivoirs, Nitrogen Pressure, Oil Wieght, Shims, Valves, Emulators, Adjustment Clickers or Cool Stickers........... If you think you have the wrong springs in your machine, take the time to look it up. Yes, this requires effort and some braincells may be used.

We're always here to help with any Suspension Solutions...... Advise is still free. No Vat as of todays date, anyway. LOL.