Givi pannier mountings for Versys 2010 on

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  1. onthebike.
    For sale. A pair of Givi panniers; model V35 with all fittings necessary selling under half current new price. Only 17,500 baht ono.
    ( PLXR 450 brackets, 450 Grab rail kit)
    to fit Kawasaki Versys 2010 and later. Excellent condition, no dents or damage, but some light cosmetic scratches.
    Prices checked online today from Bangkok total 38000 baht. Priced to sell at only 17,500 baht ono.
    Additional custom made rear carrier is also included. This can be fitted directly to the mounting brackets if required.
    Boxes are in San Sai, but can be delivered within Chiang Mai city if required. Phone John Gooding on 0818825122 or pm.
  2. Would like to move these excellent panniers, so final price reduced to 12,900 baht
  3. BOXES ARE NOW SOLD but mounting frames and fittings are available for 5,500 baht.
  4. I recognise those panniers and I recognise that bike because they were mine. And I certainly recognise that photo because I took it and at my house!

    Its odd that people use your photos with out asking. Still, as I have been compared with David Baily for my extraordinary photography skills, the royalties will be substantial.
  5. Why is it odd .Post a photo on a public website in order to sell something and you complain when it is used again for same purpose.
  6. John sold the panniers as a favour to me. It was my suggestion that he use that particular photo as it was more accessible (already on this site) than the ones I had, but couldn't find.

    Perhaps I was wrong in assuming that I acquired some rights to that photo when I bought the bike.

    My most humble apologies and as for "substantial royalties", may I offer you a substantial drink of your choice next time we meet? :)

    P.S. The old girl is still going well.
  7. You are a proper gent Colin and good to know common decency is alive and well out there after all. Pleased that the bike is still in good hands and I think that I still have some bits for it well kept for you - somewhere!

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