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Discussion in 'Product Reviews' started by Franz, Nov 17, 2010.

  1. Franz

    Franz Ol'Timer

    As being a practical biker and always looking for ways to improve my overall comfort, all my bikes have been fitted with topcases. As we do not have the choice here as I would have in Europe, I'm quite happy with what is available from Italy's GIVI from their Malaysian plant. I know that now the questions will start as to where to buy, well in CNX I got 2 from Yamaha Square on Huay Kaew Road and one from Nut at Pistonshop. I am sure both 'scooter' dealers for Honda and Yamaha will have on stock or at least can order them in Bangkok. Niyom Panich near Robinson Airport I have also seen some on display.
    Of course they are not Wunderlich cases but reflect this also in their price. For the price I paid years ago for the F650GS' 3 cases I could have easily bought for example a top model brand new Yamaha Nuovo Excellence from now on that's a no brainer......
    Right now I'm using 2 Givi E30 topcases both on the DR650 and on the FJR1300. They have as the name says 30 liters and can hold a fullsized XXL helmet with no problem. Whenever I park my bikes, helmet, documents, cigarettes, and in the helmet the gloves and first aid pack are nicely stored away from Mr. Longfinger and the torrents of water coming down on us. Also during riding it keeps tightly sealed. After one of them for 3 years in service, nothing broken or worn, says a lot about the quality. Although the braces look quite flimsy, they aren't. One key system means opening the lid and also releasing the whole topcase from it's mounting bracket.
    For the FJR I additionally have an E45 which easy holds 2 fullsized helmets or my laptop & bag. Although they say do not fit more than 3 kgs, mine sometimes hold more than 12 kgs with no problem. Must also say that the big topcase limits my speed on the FJR to below 220 as the bike then becames unstable in connection with also both sidecases mounted. But there's exactly this warning in Yamaha's manual.
    As far as I can remember, the E30 costed me including all mounting gear & bracket THB 2,750.- 1 year ago, the E45 THB 6,000.- but this included some special tailormade baseplate and distance tubes for the FJR's back and this was 2.5 years ago.
    So here's one foto of the E30 on the DR:
    and another one with the 2 GIVI sidecases E21N (topopening, a 21 liters, THB 6,400.- 3 years ago):
    and another one of the E45 together with the 2 original Yamaha sidecases:
    I had an E30 also fitted onto the SRX600's back but that was not good as this bike was not designed for holding a weight way out over the taillight, so the subframe cracked and broke, so removed the topcase & bracket and welded the subframe back on. anyway this one only has to hold the numberplate, taillight and rear blinkers.....
    Still I need to fit a topcase onto the Step125 scooter, then everything's perfect.
    B.rgds, Franz
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  3. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    :thumbup: thanks for the top box update Franz.
    I've got a big Givi too, but only use it for rainy season & carrying clothes when my soft luggage is loaded down with maps.

    All this reminds me of the very first ride in Laos with happy-go-lucky. :lol:
    The Givi box was it! Everything had to go in there. :think:
    I loaded my "mere male's" clothes in & generously left the rest for HGL. :thumbup:

    What a surprise then when she'd finished packing & I struggled to lift the box up. :wtf:
    Further examination revealed excess clothes, sufficient for a few months on the road PLUS glass bottles & jars of make-up & cream & perfume etc etc... :roll:

    The Givi box was dutifully lightened & HGL enlightened about riding overseas with young lung. :)

    I never thought anymore about it until a few days later on the road in Laos, when HGL took off her riding jacket & it seriously clunked down on the table. :wtf:
    Yep all the glass jars make-up & cream & perfume were stuffed in the pockets of her riding jacket. :shock:
    Oh well, wait can you say. She’s a genuine woman. :?
  4. Franz

    Franz Ol'Timer

    Just to add from a post of Allen (thaicbr) the official Thai dealer website:
    One more correction the big topbox is an E450N...............
    As we can see, very clever business man, as Kwaka is selling the tailormade GIVI products for sinful prices, he couldn't hold back his prices and lookey lookey also skyhigh for similar products although the difference in quality to the cheapies is hmmmmmm not that much......

    Yeah David that's the pleasures of being in a local relationship, don't worry, not only women are like this, Fiu always had one box for himself which was mainly filled with produce from Giffarine, Oil of Ulan and the like, for me all rubbish, a Nivea skincream was all I ever used on occasions and never take this with me.....

    cheers, Franz
  5. Franz

    Franz Ol'Timer

    One more correction to my previous posts, while surfing the official dealer website in Thailand I decided to buy for my T-Max 500 a high-quality topcase with 52 liters and paid for it THB 19,000.- (Trekker 52) which doesn't surprise me anymore because the pricey stuff they sell is simply from their manufactoring facilities in Italy or somewhere else in Europe and there's a real difference in Quality. These cases load more than 10 kgs in contrast to the cheap Malaysian made ones with a max. of 3 kgs. Also the finishing is something you would expect from a EU or Japanese manufactorer.
    Overall, I have never been disappointed with any of the GIVI products, just bought also a rain kit (jacket & trousers) for my partner for THB 2,300.- which is contained in a separate travel bag, well made and with reflective material too, totally different to my rainjacket which is crap (Rev'it).
    Just sorry that Alvin not yet is able to have more of the GIVI products available such as screens, softbags, crashbars and other goodies. Rgds, FR
  6. Franz

    Franz Ol'Timer

    CRSsaddlebags, you should get and offer the rain jackets & trousers as most of the other products available in THA are crap at best. Rgds, Franz

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