Glorious Weather Chiang Mai - Pai R1095

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  1. MONDAY 24TH MAY 2010

    Well after a very sweeet holiday in Hanoi with happy-go-lucky it's time to start riding again, especially now that the worst of the heat's gone & the rains are on the way.

    Route 1095 the new Mae Malai bypass



    Up on the ridgeline

    Who can complain about life with weather & roads like this


    Mae Sae
    the GT Rider half way stop to Pai. And the shopkeepers struggle nowadays, since all the mini buses have to stop at at the Mae Lao "food centre" owned by the police.

    Chiang Dao mountain absolutely stunning in the distance



    into the twisties

    Pai city like a ghost town
    never seen it so quiet in years.

    Twas a bit wet on the return

    The new power lines are getting closer to Pai


    no excuses for not riding in the heat now guys, the weather & conditions are good & Phi Ta Khon in Dan Sai is only a few weeks away....
    :happy1: :happy1: :happy1:

    AND for Chiang Mai riders, Pai is in Mae Hong Son province, so there's no curfew there. ...

    :lol-sign: :lol-sign:
  2. The atmosphere looks much better than when I was up that way in February. It was certainly a lot busier in Pai then though.
    I can't wait to get back there in August. Who would've thought that I'd ever look forward to dental appointments.
    Where else in the world does going to the dentist have such great fringe benefits? :D
  3. Nice!

  4. As a Pai resident I can say the rainy season is definitely the best time to go. It's just sooooo beautiful... dramatic clouds over the mountains, crystal clear air, not too hot... and, unlike in the winter, no hordes of Thai tourists, in fact hardly any tourists at all.
  5. As per now i can only follow you guys in here and ready your nice rides,,,,

    I did noticed this fantastic picture David,, Have you got your self NEW cam? pictures are just so much sharper than before in my eyes.

    as always, im jelous but soon up and running again.
  6. I'm the same as Marco unfortunately! Can only enjoy these rides from the comfort of my desk chair. Had metal removed from front of leg last Wednesday after it once again became badly infected. Reckon I will not be riding for three months or so at least. However, all these photos & reports are good incentive to repair quickly - I hope. :take-that:
  7. Beautiful!

    It's not the camera, it's just your near death experience.
  8. Marco
    1. It is a "new" camera, a Canon G11, that I've had for a few months now.
    2. It was exceptionally clear with fine views in the late afternoon.
    3. I'm getting better at processing raw images.

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