Going from Mae Sot to May Sariang (direction Mae Hong Son, RD105) is it dangerous?

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  1. Hi,

    we want to go from Mae Sot to May Sariang (direction Mae Hong Son, RD105) is it really dangerous going along the border?

    We are just sitting in Sukhothai in an guesthouse and planning our next trip, the locals seen that and told us that the street along the border is not safe at all, robberies and armed thieves all around... OK we heard that sometimes about various routes we took, but it’s better to double check...

    Any recommendations? Is it really that dangerous? Should we worry? Do we need really a :take-that:

    cheers Sascha
  2. Have ridden that route plenty of times and the locals are quite friendly and I've never heard of anyone being robbed or hassled in that area...
  3. One of my favorite roads, little traffic and the surrounding rivers offer great fishing. Plus the bulk of times on this route my son is riding pillion.

    My son shot and put this together, though I choose the music.

  4. Totally agreed.... have been using those route few time and it was among the best route... no issue of security and people are friendly as usual....
  5. Nice vid! How old is your son? My oldest loves going on tours too! :happy1:
  6. He's 15 now, it's time to decide what his first bike will be!!!!!!!

    I should add that vid includes some video shot on the side routes off the 105, like Ngao national park.

  7. Nothing dangerous about it at all. Its a lovely road for a ride these days. A bit of road works along the way when I was down that way at the end of last year but thats it. We were told in a gas station by a Thai tour guide to beware of armed robbers but I think he was trying to impress his customer, a lone Japanese gal! I think the days of robbers along that road are long gone.
  8. Thank you all! So off we go...

    Any recommodations for an accomodation along the route?

    cheers Sascha
  9. Alright, we will see if we will make it there today... looks promissing... will be 350km and we are running late ... as always..

    cheers Sascha
  10. The only word for caution on the 105 is that the cost of gas at the halfway point up in the hills at the local Karen market can be pretty steep. It is one of the few places I could not get a Karen guy to break a smile using my limited Karen vocabulary. Of course the guy had me over his fuel barrel as I had not enough gas to make it to the next possible fuel stop.

    Mae Sot may not have that much to offer if you are not the NGO type. But if you are in to Burmese politics or just like to flirt with young NGO types then the evening hours at the Aya Coffee shop, across from the Bai Fern guesthouse, is a good place for conversation while you wait, and wait, for your food. But apart from the NGO lasses, people you meet in Mae Sot are not always who they claim to be. It is a real Casablanca with smugglers, spooks, dissidents, and reactionaries. There is a surprisingly large Muslim population to add into the mix, and few towns in Thailand are as mixed as Mae Sot.
  11. The route was nice, we stayed in Mae Sariang... found a little cheap room there as some officials occupied the whole town... had enough gas with us and my wife too, so no need to visit the coffee shop ;)

    cheers.. now doing the chiang mai, hong son loop next...

    thx everybody

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